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2019 Review of Chrome River Expense

Chrome River EXPENSE is a cloud-based web application designed for businesses of just about any size, though the product will work best in mid-sized to large corporations. Designed to manage both travel and other related expenses, Chrome River also ...

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Chrome River EXPENSE


[From the 2019 reviews of Expense Management systems.]

Chrome River EXPENSE is a cloud-based web application designed for businesses of just about any size, though the product will work best in mid-sized to large corporations. Designed to manage both travel and other related expenses, Chrome River also offers additional applications such as Invoice, Audit, and Analytics applications that integrate with the expense management application.

Along with the expense application, Chrome River offers Chrome River PROSPER, which allows users to view a snapshot of accounts with top spend, drill down into account details for top spenders and related expense type, and allow employees to allocate spend amounts to an account or sales opportunity. Also available is Chrome River FOLIO, which offers automatic data extraction, creates line item expenses for all folio items, and supports all global currencies, along with multiple languages.

Chrome River EXPENSE is easily accessible via the web or from a mobile device. Once of the best features of Chrome River EXPENSE is the design consistency, with the same features, functionality, and user interface utilized across all devices including desktop systems, laptops, and mobile applications such as smart phones and tablets. The product is completely customizable, with business rules built directly into the application, including proper approval routing and expense policies, ensuring that reports and invoices are routed to the correct individual on a timely basis. The application supports multiple approvers, and users can set thresholds for approvals, with higher amounts directed at a different approver than those for lower amounts. Chrome River EXPENSE creates expense reports automatically as expenses are entered, with reports automatically routed to the correct approver. If multiple approvers are used, the application will direct only the designated expenses to each approver.

Compliance rules specific to an organization can also be set up and maintained, offering the ability to set custom rules for expense types, employees, or geographic location.

The Snap and Send feature allow users to easily snap a photo of a receipt, attaching the image to an email for automatic processing. Chrome River EXPENSE uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automatically categorizing details that appear on a receipt image. Users also have the option to override OCR data if desired. Electronic receipts can also be shared via email, scan or fax for those not using a mobile device.

Chrome River EXPENSE supports multiple user roles, with administrators assigning user roles during the setup process. Users will only be able to view and access information that directly related to their specific role. The product also offers multi-currency and multi-language capability, and also offers a handy per-diem wizard that tracks trip details to ensure accurate expense reporting.

Chrome River EXPENSE integrates with Google Maps for mileage tracking, and maintains varying mileage rules based on location. Chrome River EXPENSE also offers complete integration with several travel booking sites such as Sabra and Amadeus. An included Hotel Folio feature emails hotel receipts directly, with line item charges automatically added to an expense report. Chrome River STATEMENTS is a partnership between Chrome River and U.S. Bank, offering integration with personal and corporate credit cards, though integration with American Express, Western Union Business Services, and MasterCard/Diners Club is also available.

A Direct Pay feature automates employee reimbursements and there is an ACH deposit option as well. Reporting options are excellent in Chrome River, with Chrome River Analytics offering both standard reports as well as the ability to create custom reports. All Chrome River reports offer drill-down capability, and users can easily export reports to a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel, HTML, or can save a report as a PDF.

Chrome River Expense offers excellent integration capability with a variety of third-party applications including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, People Soft, and Ellucian, along with travel management applications such as BCD, Carlson, and Wagonlit. In addition, Uber users can submit receipts directly into Chrome River EXPENSE when necessary.

Chrome River offers users a variety of user resources including Data Sheets, Videos, Webinars, and White Papers. Chrome River University offers users a variety of training options as well. Online 24/7 support is available, with toll free telephone support available during regular business hours.

Chrome River EXPENSE is best suited for mid-sized or larger corporations, particularly those with a global presence. Initial system configuration and implementation is typically completed by Chrome River personnel, though users can add additional configurations as needed. While system setup can be time-consuming, Chrome River EXPENSE offers just about any feature and function needed, no matter where the expense is incurred. Those interested can request a demo from Chrome River, with pricing available upon request as well.

2019 Rating 5 Stars