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2018 Review of Xcentric

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From the Oct. 2018 reviews of Cloud Hosting systems for accountants.

Xcentric, purchased by Right Networks in late 2017, which is also reviewed in this issue, is designed specifically for accounting firms and CPAs. Redesigned since last reviewed, Xcentric has made custom hosting options for accounting professionals its focus, while QuickBooks hosting has been relegated to Right Networks, though Xcentric can certainly host QuickBooks Desktop applications if desired. Xcentric currently offers two plans, with both offering hosting for an unlimited number of applications.

Xcentric is located in Georgia with an office in Montana as well. Currently, Xcentric guarantees a 99.5% uptime for their servers, and now also provides an additional service; Cloud +, which offers a variety of additional security options that users can choose to purchase when subscribing to a hosting plan. Additional services include anti-virus and malware protection, patch management, and workstation monitoring.

One of the things that sets Xcentric apart is its use of dedicated servers for all of their clients, with each firm assigned its own data server, eliminating the need to share servers with other clients. Xcentric also maintains any hosted application, so updates and maintenance will be performed by Xcentric during off-hours, eliminating the need to stop for system updates during the day. All Xcentric servers are located in the U.S. and are located at SOC compliant data centers, with SSL or TLS encryption used.

Xcentric allows users to access the system from any location using any device, with the product offering mobile accessibility for all Windows, iOS, and Android smart phones and tablets.  

Currently, Xcentric can host more than 2,000 applications, including popular tax and accounting applications such as ProSystem fx Tax and Engagement, CS Accounting, CaseWare, and UltraTax CS and Accounting CS.

Xcentric supports multiple users, with each system user receiving a set amount of system storage. Mentioned earlier, Xcentric is designed specifically for CPA firms, and can easily host popular accounting and tax preparation programs, with each plan offering an unlimited number of applications that can be hosted, with firms choosing the applications for a completely custom system. In addition to hosting, Xcentric also offers consulting services as well as access to an online store that sells hardware peripherals such as scanners, widescreen monitors, and desktop systems.

There are limited help and support resources available from the Xcentric website, with all help and support options accessed using the Xcentric Cloud Portal, where users can search a comprehensive knowledgebase, browse through a variety of product-related articles, and access product training options. Toll-free support is available 24/7/365, and users have the option to submit a support ticket from the Xcentric website for less urgent issues. All plan subscribers are also assigned a Client Success Manager who can assist users with any issues that may arise during setup or daily use.

Xcentric is a good hosting option for accounting firms of any size. The product offers scalable solutions, with two hosting plans available; Cloud Pro, which offers up to 10 GB in storage per user and Cloud Premier, which ups storage space to 20 GB per user. Users can also opt to add Cloud+ to either plan for increased server and workstation security. Both Pro and Premium plans include 100 GB mailbox per person through Microsoft 365, 3 years of backup accessibility, and 24/7 emergency support. All subscribers also are assigned a consultant team and client success manager, with the ability to host unlimited applications on either plan.

2018 Rating   4.75 Stars