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2018 Review of Integer Accounting and Tax Websites

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Tenenz Inc.

From the Oct. 2018 reviews of Website Builders for accounting firms.

Integer from Tenenz is a good fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms that are looking for easy website creation and high quality marketing automation tools. The product has expanded its offerings from the last review, with three plans available; Essentials, Marketing Starter, and Marketing Pro. All plans offer more than 125 accounting and tax website templates and the ability to add an unlimited number of pages to any website.

Integer offers standard default pages such as Home, Services, About Us, Financial Calculators, with more options available to add, including Contact, Newsletter, Make a Payment, and others. All default pages can be custom labeled to suit the needs of the firm. Users can choose a template that fits their needs, or choose to use Integer designers that can create a custom template from scratch. All Integer plans offer a monthly newsletter blog, and the Marketing plans also include numerous content options, including an email newsletter, weekly tax tips, client tax videos, and various automated social media tools. The Marketing Pro plan also offers a complete content library with hundreds of professionally written articles, which allows users to customize the content before sending articles to clients and prospects. The Marketing Pro plan offers the ability to create and automate customized email newsletters up to 2,000 contacts.

Integer also includes more than 50 financial calculators that can assist clients with basic financial planning, offering calculators for mortgages, car loans, IRA and 401K savings, and a paycheck calculator, along with calculators for retirement planning, home budgets, student budgets, and savings and investments.

All Integer subscribers receive a free domain name, with Integer paying the cost of the yearly fees. Firms can receive up to 30 branded email addresses with their monthly subscription. Users also have the option of using their current firm domain by connecting it directly to the new website.

Integer includes an easy to use content editor that allows users to make changes instantly to their website in-house. Users can click on Template Options from the member menu to see what customization options are available for each particular template. Integer is introducing a new editor function that allows users to modify web content directly on the website, rather than in a separate area, with the ability to edit existing content as well as add files, links, and images. Firms have the option to change website templates at any time. Integer offers a library of stock professional images that can be used with any template, or users can simply upload their own custom images for use on the website. The product also supports videos and other widgets which can be embedded in the website if desired.

Integer offers more than 125 templates to choose from, with users able to customize the template to suit their needs, or request a custom template design from Integer graphic designers.

All of the website templates offered by Integer are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, with the ability to use keywords and phrases for better website targeting. Users can link their completed website to popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and there are links available for submitting the website to various search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Both the Marketing Starter plan and the Marketing Pro plan also offer additional features such as automatic social media posts and the ability to use video clips in all social media posts.

Integer offers a secure file sharing option supporting a variety of file types and sizes, so clients can safely upload income tax documents Integer integrates with PayPal, so firms can easily accept client payments on their website, and free HTTPS/SSL security is included with a subscription.

Users can access advice and answers from the Integer support option on the website, where hundreds of articles are available to review, which include basic information on managing a website, including changing the look of the website along with both email and domain management. Additional support options are available from the members only login area, where technical support can be accessed via email or chat when needed.

Designed for small to mid-sized accounting firms, Integer offers three plans; the Essentials plan at $32.99 a month, the Marketing Starter at $62.95 per month, and the Marketing Pro at $89.95 a month. All plan levels include unlimited pages, free domain name and up to 10 email addresses, 50+ financial calculators, and a monthly newsletter blog. The plans also include 15% off all tax and accounting products from Tenenz all year round. Those interested in Integer can request a product demo by signing up on the Integer website.


2018 Rating – 4.5 Stars