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2018 Review of CPASites


From the Oct. 2018 reviews of Website Builders for accounting firms.


CPAsites is a good option for accounting firms of any size that wish to outsource website creation, design and maintenance. CPAsites offers built-from-scratch websites that are designed for accounting firms, with custom design and maintenance free, with users only paying for a monthly subscription. There are four subscription levels to choose from, with each level offering different options, depending on the level of subscription chosen. Users can choose from up to seven different options, with the Platinum level offering all seven options, which includes the following:

  1. A newsletter written solely by CPAs
  2. A resource section with useful links and tax rates
  3. Financial calculators
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. A secure client portal
  6. One hour of website editing each month
  7. A newsletter that is exclusive in a particular geographic area

The Gold level subscription plan includes numbers 1-5 listed above, the Silver level includes numbers 1-4 above, and the Bronze level subscription offers a choice of one of the options listed above.

To start the process, users simply need to sign up on the CPAsites website, providing CPAsites staff with details about their firm, including logos and branding information as well as any additional information that needs to be on the website, including staff lists, partner information and bios, marketing materials, such as services offered, company brochures, and any additional images or other details. CPAsites also suggests that interested firms forward links to any website designs that they are interested in.

Once this information has been received, CPAsites designers will begin to construct a homepage design that firms can review for accuracy and feedback. This initial page is typically forwarded to the firm within 5 to 10 business days from receipt of the firm’s information. At that time, firms can make suggestions which will be incorporated into the design. Once the initial homepage has been reviewed, CPAsites typically finishes the construction site within a week. Firms have the option to accept the site, or CPAsites will scrap the design and start over with a different website design.

CPAsites is a hands-off website, with firms able to make only minor changes on the site, with any major changes made by CPAsites. It’s important to note that while most changes can be made within an hour’s time, any changes that require more than one hour to complete will be billed at $50.00 per hour.

CPAsites also offers an option that allows accounting firms to have their current website hosted by CPAsites, giving them access to the benefits offered in the hosting menu. Firms will need to sign a one-year contract with CPAsites since they are creating a website from scratch. Once the initial contract has expired, the created website becomes the property of the firm, though any additional resources that are included with the website, including newsletters, articles, and financial calculators remain the property of CPAsites and cannot be transferred to another hosting provider.

In addition to standard pages, CPAsites also offers a secure client portal, allowing firms and their clients to easily exchange confidential documents. Clients can sign up for portal access from the firm’s created website and are provided with a user name and password to ensure confidentiality. All files are fully encrypted whether in transit or simply stored in the portal. Links to tax tools and resources are also available, and the product offers a series of financial calculators that are available for firm clients to access, with all calculators residing on the website, ensuring that web visitors will remain on the site rather than navigate to another site.

CPAsites links to popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and also offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability as well.

CPAsites is a good choice for accounting firms that are looking for a custom website without the fuss and bother of doing it themselves. CPAsites handles all aspects of website creation, from initial design to completed site, with CPAsites staff handling all subsequent site changes and edits. The vendor ensures that content is updated on a regular basis, so websites will not appear stagnant.

Offering flexible subscription terms and custom designed websites, CPAsites is a good fit for firms of any size. There are currently four subscription levels to choose from, with website design and setup included in the cost of the subscription, with a one-year contract required. A Platinum level subscription includes all service options including a client newsletter, a client portal, SEO, financial calculators, and one hour of edits and/or updates each month, and runs $150.00 per month. Gold, Silver, and Bronze subscription levels are also available, with users choosing the options they wish to include in their subscription.

2018 Rating 4.75 Stars