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2018 Review of AccountantsWorld Website Relief

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Website Relief



From the Oct. 2018 reviews of Website Builders for accounting firms.

Website Relief is part of AccountantsWorld suite of applications designed for accounting professionals, and is a good fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms that use other AccountantsWorld applications. Website Relief can also be used as a stand-alone website design application if desired.

Website Relief offers a series of professionally designed themes that accounting firms can choose from. All web designs are also optimally designed for easy access from desktop, laptop, smart phones and tablet devices.

During the initial website setup process, Website Relief provides initial content based on the firm profile that is submitted when purchasing the application. Based on the firm’s profile, Website Relief then creates pages and content that is relevant to the firm and the services offered. Standard pages such as a Home Page, an About Us page, and other features such as a Tax Center, Payroll Center, Tax Refund Page, Financial Calculators, and Paycheck Calculators are available. Pages included in the initial web design can be used as is or edited to better reflect firm needs. Users can also upload a logo or any images to any page, as well as create custom bullets which are designed to highlight services offered. Additional pages such as Partner Profiles, Services, FAQs, Testimonial, and Contact Us pages are also available.

Website Relief supports an unlimited number of pages for any website, and users can easily create custom pages that can be uploaded directly to the application. An Editor option allows users to add content, format existing content or customize content on any web page. Website Relief also includes the ability for users to create and maintain their own blog if desired. Both video and animation options are supported by Website Relief as well.

Any firm using Website Relief will receive a free custom domain name, with five custom branded email addresses. Additional addresses are available to purchase if necessary.

Website Relief’s Dashboard offers users quick access to website information and integrates with Google Analytics to provide users with the latest details on web traffic and web visitors. Users can also manage their website content directly from the dashboard.

The design tool that is included in Website Relief makes it easy to have a functioning website up and running quickly, with users able to edit the contents at any time. A variety of forms are available to post on the website as well, including a contact form where potential clients can contact the firm to ask a question or request an appointment. Sign up forms for company newsletters can also be displayed on the website, and users can easily create a blog that can be placed on the website as well.

Website Relief integrates with all popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, making it easy for clients to connect with the firm. SEO is available, with users able to submit their completed website to sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Tutorials are also available for those that wish to learn more about SEO options, and the product also integrates with Google Maps, so users can place a map to their firm for clients. Website Relief also offers complete integration with Google Analytics, so users will be aware of web visits and traffic at all times. Any firm that purchases Website Relief also receives a free basic listing in a tax directory, with the option to upgrade to a paid premium listing if desired.

AccountantsWorld offers free, unlimited product support for all of its applications, with users able to contact support personnel via telephone, email, or chat. There is also a Contact Us form on the website that users can fill out to ask a question or request support. AccountantsWorld also offers a variety of tools and resources for users to utilize, including a variety of web-based seminars such as how to create and customize a website. All new product users are assigned a professional development consultant that will assist with Website Relief implementation as well as any other AccountantsWorld applications that are purchased.

Website Relief also offers users an unlimited number of client portals that can be used with the newly created website, allowing both firm employees and clients to upload, download, and share confidential documents securely.

Website Relief from AccountantsWorld is designed to integrate with other AccountantsWorld applications including Accounting Power, Cloud Cabinet, Directory Listing, Practice Relief, and After-the-Fact Payroll. Best suited for those using other AccountantsWorld applications, Website Relief can also be used as a stand-alone website building application if desired.   Currently, Website Relief is available for $595.00 per year, and includes a money back guarantee if users cancel within the first 30 days.

2018 Rating 4.75 Stars