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Tim Jipping, CPA, CGMA – 2018 40 Under 40 Honoree

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Tim Jipping, CPA, CGMA

Sr. Manager,
Plante Moran
Chicago, IL

The Journey View Podcast

Social Media:

Professional Associations/Memberships: AICPA, ICPAS – have served in a few different roles over the year, no current positions.

Career Highlights:

I have over 12 years in the accounting profession, most of which has been in public coupled with a stint as a controller. In 2015, the course of my career and life was radically jolted by the AICPA Leadership Academy, which helped to reveal my core strengths and gave me permission to not only impact the trajectory of my career, but also the profession specifically and business and life in general. At Plante Moran, I started a different sort of conversation about balance, which ultimately led to a 3-part education series launched in Chicago titled The Whole Person Project. This project was designed to change the way we think and talk about balance, starting with how we think and talk about and to ourselves. The better we understand ourselves, the more optimally we perform and the more fulfilled we become. You know what they say… happy life, happy boss.  Right?

What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?

As mentioned above, the paradigm shift I had in 2015 set off a chain reaction for various efforts to impact the world around me, whether it be my peers, the profession, or business in general.  The Journey View Podcast is my most recent project and has allowed me to meet fascinating, best-in-class humans and share their stories with the listeners. Not only do the listeners benefit from hearing the ups and the downs experienced along the way, we’ve all gained some incredible insight which have sparked new ideas that hopefully will help make a difference in people’s lives as we all continue on our journey.

Favorite books/websites/speakers: Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Workweek, Tools of Titans), Simon Sinek (Leaders Eat Last)

What do you see yourself doing professionally in 10 years? 

I hate to be the party-pooper, but I can’t answer this question. Not honestly anyways… I might be a practicing CPA or a ballet dancer – all things considered, if I had to put my money on one of them, it’d be the former, but the point is that I’m slightly restless and opportunistic, and slowly overcoming my fears of risk and uncertainty. Once I’m able to crest that mountain, there’s no telling what I’ll be up to.  If I had to guess, I’d say I’ll be an inspirational speaker on the power of overcoming one’s fears – because by that time I’m certain I’ll have overcome many and reaped the benefits that follow.

What accounting conferences do you normally attend?

I’ve fallen out of regularly attending any specific conferences, but over the years have enjoyed the ACIPA CFO and Controllers Conferences, as well as the AICPA EDGE conference (which is now part of ENGAGE). I’ve attended some conferences ad hoc offered by the State Society, as well.  Having spent 10+ years in a large firm, I haven’t needed to be as dependent upon external conferences to stay up technically, although I find the external conferences great for networking and getting fresh ideas.

What websites/magazines do you use to keep up on news of the accounting profession? I receive the AICPA and ICPAS magazines and e-mails that I’ll look at; I’m also big on following influencers and thought leaders through the social platforms to keep up.



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