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2018 Review of Tangicloud for Nonprofits & Government

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Tangicloud for Nonprofits & Government


From the 2018 reviews of nonprofit accounting systems.

Tangicloud for Nonprofits & Government was launched in 2016, offering a suite of fund accounting applications designed for mid-sized to large nonprofits that are looking for a more robust fund accounting system. Built using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tangicloud offers several deployment options including on-premise using Microsoft Azure or Microsoft SQL Server, and Cloud based, using Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, as well as Azure or SQL Server.

The 2018 version of Tangicloud offers a variety of system enhancements from both Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as Tangicloud updates. Tangicloud offers complete fund accounting capability, with a long list of modules included in the application, and even more add-on modules to choose from. Tangicloud users can choose to use their current chart of accounts, use the default chart of accounts included in the product, or create a custom chart of accounts that can include up to eight dimensions for easy program, fund, or grant tracking. The product easily supports multiple transaction types including transactions in multiple currencies, multiple company management and consolidation, purchase orders, allocations, requisitions, as well as standard accounting transactions such as journal entries, vendor payments, cash receipts, and monthly statement processing.

Tangicloud’s Budget module allows users to easily create custom budgets, including the ability to create a separate budget for each fund or grant being managed in the application. Users can easily import or export budget data including both full and partial budgets to or from Microsoft Excel for complete customization if desired. All budget related activities including revenues and expenditures can be tracked in real time, and users can easily view budget to actual totals. Users can create an unlimited number of budgets that can be used during the planning stages as well as create final budgets.

Tangicloud’s Contacts with Donation Management module allows users to easily track donations, including allocation of the donation as unrestricted for general support or restricted, for a particular program or grant. Users can also track donation history, making it easier to cultivate both existing donors as well as track potential new donors. Pledges, gifts, and campaign information can also be managed in the module. The module also works as an organizational CRM, so users can easily track a variety of information about each donor and potential donor. The optional Grant Management module allows users to track a variety of grant information including awards, subawards, and subsequent contracts. Grants can be tracked in Tangicloud from initial proposal to award, and the system now tracks grants made to other organizations as well.

Tangicloud’s Allocations module allows users to allocate across funds, accounts, and dimensions in real time. The product supports both fixed percentage and derived percentage allocations, allowing users to easily track activity across numerous funds, programs, and grants.

Tangicloud supports multiple funds and multiple companies, and offers automatic due to/due from account balancing to ensure that all funds remain in balance. Multi-level security is offered in the product, with users completing a New User card, which is then used to determine the system access level necessary. Administrators can choose to add users individually, or assign them to a group that have similar system access permissions.

Tangicloud offers good reporting options, including complete FASB/GASB reporting compliance capability including Statements of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flow and Statement of Functional Expenses. The product also offers standard financial statement reporting including Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and GL Register reports.   All system reports can be easily viewed on screen, printed, exported to Microsoft Word or Excel for additional customization, or saved as a PDF.

Standard modules included in Tangicloud include Allocations, Audit Trail, Banks, Budgets, GL, Contacts w/Donation Management, Funds, Multiple Companies, Multi-Currencies, Customers, Employees, Inventory, Reports, and Vendors. Additional modules available include Endowments, Expense Reports, Grants, Requisitions and Timesheets, and several others. All Tangicloud modules are designed for complete integration, and using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tangicloud also offers excellent integration with Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365.

Access to the Tangicloud Help option is available throughout the application. A Getting Started Guide is also available as well. Users can contact Tangicloud via email for system support. Those interested in Tangicloud should contact them directly for more information on additional help and support options available.

Tangicloud is a scalable fund accounting solution best suited for mid-sized to larger nonprofit organizations. Various partner-level options are also available including Referral, Implementation, or Industry Specialist options. Tangicloud is available in three editions; Essentials, which is $199.00 per month, Select which is $299.00 per month, and Enterprise, which is $399.00 per month and includes all modules. Additional Full and Limited users can also be added for a monthly fee.

2018 Rating – 5 Stars