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2018 Review of Salsa Engage – Apps for Nonprofits

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Salsa Engage

Salsa labs offers a variety of nonprofit resources designed to manage the fundraising portion of nonprofit management. Salsa Engage is an excellent option for nonprofits that are looking to design a fundraising platform to reach more potential donors.

Salsa Engage offers a variety of tools including online donation forms that are completely customized for your organization and are mobile-friendly as well. The forms can be embedded in various landing pages throughout your website and allow your organization to accept donations of all types including one-time donations, recurring donations, “In Memory Of” donations and “In Honor Of” donations. One of the best features in Salsa Engage is the ability to acknowledge donations made immediately with an automated message. Auto-response messages can be personalized as well. Year-end summary reports can also be created in Salsa Engage to send your donors, particularly important if you have a lot of monthly donors.

For organizations that run events, Engage also offers the ability for those interested to register for any event, with users able to add various registration levels and prices, such as discounts for early registration, or increased amounts for those who register late. Registration for each event can be completely customized for that event, with optional purchases such as lunch or materials available during the event registration process as well.

A comprehensive fundraising dashboard is also available, with users able to customize the dashboard to suit their needs. Online and digital marketing capability is available, including peer-to-peer fundraising and email fundraising capability.


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