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2018 Review of Facebook Fundraisers – Apps for Nonprofits

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While Facebook may not be the first place you think of when planning a fundraiser, there are advantages to using Facebook for your next fundraiser. First, there are no fees involved for having a Facebook fundraiser. Next, Facebook can be an excellent venue for nonprofit organizations that have a huge Facebook presence, as the fundraiser will reach your supporters easily.

Facebook fundraisers are easily created (sometimes within minutes) and can actually raise a decent amount of money for a nonprofit. To get started, you’ll just need to click on the Fundraisers option that is found on the left side menu. Click on Raise Money, and then select the Nonprofit/Charity that you want to raise money for. You’ll then need to fill out some basic information, such as how much money you’d like to raise, and how long you would like the fundraiser to run.

One of the best features about the Facebook fundraiser is that you have the opportunity to tell your story about why you’re raising money. You can add a photo, then simply click the Create button and the fundraiser is done! While this may not bring in the amount of funds needed to sustain an organization over the course of the year, it offers a very affordable way to create varying fundraisers throughout the year at no cost to your organization. If you have a nonprofit, it’s worth checking out this option.


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