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2018 Review of Donor Search – Apps for Nonprofits

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As a nonprofit, once of your most valued resources is your donor database. You carefully track each donor, making sure that they are cultivated on a timely basis. But how do you identify potential donors? Yes, you gather contact information from your website, or from Facebook, or from trade shows, but even then, what do you really know about the people you are considering potential donors? Do they give to other like-minded organizations? Do they give to organizations at all? While there are various wealth screening tools available, they are designed to work with existing prospects.

Donor Search is different, providing subscribers access to more than 20 databases including DonorSearch’s Annual Reports Philanthropy Database, with over 110 million records, with more than 600,000-700,000 records added every week. The Philanthropy Database is updated weekly, so you’ll always have access to the latest records. Also included in your subscription is access to the Annual Reports Charitable Database, FEC political Giving Database, which tracks every political contribution over $200,

DonorSeries Charitable Donations Database which provides information collected from annual reports and programs, the DonorSearch Real Estate Database, which lists property values of over 150 million properties, Shale Wealth, which provides detailed financial information on private technology company executives, and Database USA, which provides information on 14.5 million businesses and 17.3 million executives in the U.S.

Donor Search also offers subscribers excellent reporting options for easier prospect management. DonorSearch offers a free demo for those interested in learning more about the product and what it can do.


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