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July 2018 Accounting & Audit Channel


Accounting & Audit Social Media:

2018 Accounting Standards You Might Have Missed. PwC Blog.

Senior Auditors Benefit from School of Audit. Wolters Kluwer Blog.

3 Ways Extra Capital Helps with Seasonal Needs. Accountex Blog.

How to Determine Profit Margins on Services. Accounting Department Blog.

FASB Issues New Guidance on Share-Based Payments. Compliance Week.


Top Accounting & Audit News:

What’s the Future for Financial Statements? Are they still relevant in a digital world in which reams of information can be synthesized and analyzed for insight?

Are Grants Subject to Revenue Recognition? The latest guidance from the FASB arrives at a time when nonprofit chief financial officers, controllers, and other financial players face a fast-approaching deadline.

Forward-Looking Statement Mislead Investors. The study’s findings derive principally from two experiments carried out with subjects enlisted through a crowd-sourcing Internet marketplace often used in social-science research.

Illinois CPA Society Presents Annual Awards. The awards recognize the tremendous achievements and contributions of leaders in Illinois who are helping to shape the future of the accounting profession.

Center for Audit Quality Funds 4 Research Projects. The grants to fund independent academic research on projects of interest to the auditing profession.




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July 2018 Tax Channel

  Tax & Compliance Social Media: Digital Marketing for Tax Practices. Canopy Blog. SALT Tax Changes Across the U.S. for July 2018. Tax Foundation. Three Tips for Diversifying Tax Workforce in Your Firm. Bloomberg Tax. Income Tax Effects of Inventory Distributions from an S-Corp. Fuller Tax Blog. IRS to Put Audit Focus on These 5 […]


The Pros & Cons of Working From Home

Job seekers are enticed by work from home options but are aware of the pitfalls, suggests new research from global staffing firm Robert Half. More than three quarters of professionals surveyed (77 percent) said they are more likely to accept a job ...