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June 2018 Payroll Channel

Top Payroll Social Media:

3 Reasons Employees May be Disengaged. Maren Hogan, via LinkedIn.

Globetrotting Workers Complicate Payroll Taxes. Bloomberg Payroll Blog.

How to Create a Successful Employee Referral Program. Patriot Software Blog.

The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO. Zenefits HR Blog.

Why Giving Salary Ranges During Interviews is a Bad Idea. Sid Lipsey, via LinkedIn.


Top Payroll News:

The True Cost of Underperforming Employees. A bad hire signals that your hiring process may be flawed. It could be that you are not putting sufficient weight on soft skills or are overemphasizing qualities that aren’t crucial to the role.

Women Freelancers Love Independence of Digital Economy. The self-employed population’s preference for direct-to-bank payment methods, as opposed to alternative methods such as e-Wallets, is also evident from Transpay’s survey.

Nearly Half of Organizations Don’t Track Payroll KPIs. The most common metrics added over the last decade include measuring the impact of manual/voided/stopped payments (31 percent), and payment errors as a percent of total payroll payments (23 percent).

3 Things to Consider About Your 401(k) When Changing Jobs. The advantages of having a 401(k), keeping it mobile with job moves, and continuing to grow it are vital for personal financial growth and retirement.

How Labor Spending is Designed to Leak. Labor accounts for as much as 60 percent of overall operating expenses, but managing the costs of this workforce is not always done efficiently. Payroll overspend is a problem for today’s employers.


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June 2018 Firm Management Channel

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How Women Can Close the Confidence Gap to Get Ahead

A recent study from Pew Research found that, in 2017, women were paid 82 percent of what their male counterparts were. To make up this difference, women would need to work 47 extra days per year. And the gap is larger for women of color.