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2018 Review of Xpenditure

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From the 2018 review of Travel & Expense Management systems.

Xpenditure is expense software designed for businesses of all sizes. Completely online, Xpenditure also offers the convenience of a newly updated mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

After downloading the mobile app, users can simply click on the Add an Image option on the app, snap a photo, click on the Use Photo option, fill out the details, then save and submit the expense. For those using Xpenditure online, there is an option to add receipts from the computer, via webcam, or submit receipts via email. Expenses can also be created manually as well.  

Xpenditure offers a variety of roles that can be assigned to system users including Administrator, Approver, Manager, and Director. User groups can also be created as well, with each system user assigned to a group.

Xpenditure supports multiple currencies, with users able to enter expenses in any currency, with Xpenditure using to automatically convert the expense to the default currency used. Users can also change the exchange rate manually in the expense after receipts have been saved. System users can also opt to upload a conversion rate to the company account, but the option will have to be activated by Xpenditure prior to using.

Using the Xpenditure mobile app, users can easily create track mileage expenses by filling in the details of the trip, including starting and stopping points. Users can also create mileage expenses online using Google Maps, which will calculate mileage, including round trips. The application also includes a time tracking feature that allows users to track hours worked on specific projects, with the corresponding rate attached.

Xpenditure works with Direct ID to support direct data feed into Xpenditure from more than 4,000 banks worldwide, with data from both debit and credit cards imported. Users can also opt to upload specific credit card transactions directly into Xpenditure. The product will also match credit card transactions with expenses that have been entered into the system, with users able to view the matches and click on the Match Confirmed option when correct. Potential matches are also highlighted for users to review and confirm they are correct by clicking on the Match Found button. Xpenditure will also highlight any expenses without a corresponding receipt sending an email to the system user requesting a receipt.

Xpenditure easily supports multiple approvers, with administrators able to set workflow rules during the setup process. All Xpenditure users can utilize the product’s dashboard to add expenses, view a summary of the expenses for the past week, and access account status. There are also options to access Expenses, Transactions, Trips, and Reports from the Dashboard as well. Approvers can reject line item expenses and approve the balance of the expenses on any expense report, returning the unapproved expenses to the submitter for further details.

Specific rules can be set in Advanced Settings, with options available in numerous categories including Expenses, Team Features, Users, and Other. Administrators simply click on the box next to the option desired to institute the new rules.

Xpenditure automatically creates an expense report once a receipt has been uploaded or added to the product. Users simply need to add the necessary details to any receipt or expense entered to save and submit the report. There are also options to just save the report or cancel it if desired.

Xpenditure reports are limited, though both an Expenses Overview Report and a Reimbursement Report are available for analysis. There is also an option to export reports to Microsoft Excel for customization, but a better option is to run management and analytical reports in the accounting application currently being used.

Xpenditure offers excellent integration options, integrating with a variety of third-party applications such as QuickBooks Online, Sage One, Xero, Freshbooks, Exact Online, Slack, and FreeAgent, among others. Users can also upload Uber and Lyft receipts directly into Xpenditure as well.

Xpenditure offers good help functionality, with users able to access a searchable knowledgebase to locate related articles and solutions. Webinars are also available, and users can download system updates from the Xpenditure website as well. Xpenditure offers email support for all product levels, and Enterprise edition subscribers have access to telephone support as well.

Xpenditure offers an easily navigated, scalable application that is well suited for businesses of any size. Xpenditure is available in three pricing levels; Single, which is $4.27 per user/per month, Team, which is $5.83 per user/per month, and Enterprise, with pricing available upon request. Xpenditure also offers a free trial for users to try out prior to purchasing.

2018 Rating – 4.75 Stars