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2018 Review of SutiExpense

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SutiExpense – SutiSoft


From the 2018 review of Travel & Expense Management systems.

SutiExpense from SutiSoft is an online travel and expense management software that tracks corporate travel and expenses. Designed for businesses of all sizes, SutiExpense also offers a mobile app that works with smartphones and tablets.

SutiExpense is scalable, with three versions for users to choose from, with each version offering more in-depth functionality. The latest SutiExpense release offers numerous product enhancements including the ability to drag and drop receipts from a desktop computer into the My Receipts repository, reimbursement in multiple currencies, receipt verification capability, and the addition of an Auditor role.

SutiExpense offers easy receipt processing, with users able to snap a photo of any receipt and upload the image into the application. Users can also use a webcam to take a photo, and receipts can be submitted via email, by fax, or by scanning. SutiExpense uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read receipts details and auto-populate the data into the expense report.

SutiExpense offers varying access levels, with admins able to set up user types by role, with each approval flow entered during the user setup process. SutiExpense also support multi-currency, with users able to add line items in multiple currencies, with SutiExpense automatically converting all currencies to the default currency. Users can also opt to override the exchange rate if desired.

Users can easily handle all travel related tasks directly from SutiExpense, including booking flights and hotel rooms, as well as car rentals. As a result, any related travel expense will flow directly into SutiExpense, making it easy to track all travel from a single interface. The SutiExpense mobile app integrates with mobile GPS, providing users with detailed mileage information that can used on an expense report. The product does not offer time tracking capability or employee timesheets.

SutiExpense integrates with all major credit cards, with users able to import credit card transactions and choose which ones to add to an expense report.

SutiExpense allows admins to set up custom workflow types. Admins can also create approval thresholds for each individual role or department. The product also allows admins to assign alternate approvers, with reports re-rerouted if the original approvers are not available. All approvers receive email notification when a report is forwarded to them for approval. During the approval process, approvers can reject individual line item expenses, with the rejected expense being returned to the submitter, while the balance of the report moves forward for reimbursement, which is typically handled by the user’s accounting system.

During the setup process, admins can set up specific rules including spending limits and per diem rates. Admins can assign company wide rules or make them specific to certain users. Users will be notified with a prompt to change reimbursement totals in order to comply with the specified rule.

Using OCR technology, SutiExpense extracts receipt details directly into an expense report, eliminating the need to add information. Users can easily save created reports as a draft or submit the report for approval. Users can also use the included intelligent voice capture technology to simply speak expense details, with SutiExpense categorizing and entering the expense automatically, attaching the uploaded receipt to the recorded expense.

SutiExpense offers good reporting capability, with admins and managers able to create analytic reports that highlight employee spending totals, department totals, and all expense categories. Users can also create custom reports in SutiExpense, and all system reports can be saved for future access or exported to a CSV file or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for additional customization capability. Reports can also save all created reports as a PDF.

SutiExpense offers integration with a variety of third-party applications including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle. The product also integrates with Paychex, ADP, Salesforce, Office 365, and Dropbox.

SutiExpense users can access product support by filling out a form on the vendor’s website. Toll-free support is also available during regular business hours and users can also email support as well. A variety of customer case studies are available on the SutiExpense website, and users can also access various informational videos and whitepapers.

SutiExpense is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The product is scalable, offering three product editions; Professional, which runs $6.50 per user per month, and offers basic expense functions. The Premium and Enterprise editions offer more complex features such as travel booking integration and corporate card direct link capability. Pricing for both the Premium and Enterprise editions is available upon request from SutiExpense. A free demo is available for those interested in the product.

2018 Rating – 4.75 Stars