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2018 Review of Shoeboxed App




From the 2018 review of Travel & Expense Management systems.

Shoeboxed offers receipt management for smaller businesses that don’t have the time or resources to process multiple receipts. Designed to organize receipts and business cards, Shoeboxed can also create employee expense reports as well,

Shoeboxed has a somewhat unorthodox approach to handling receipts, providing business owners with that they term Magic Envelopes that are filled with company receipts and sent to Shoeboxed to be scanned and stored for reference, attached to an expense report, or exported to accounting applications. Shoeboxed also offers a mobile app, so users can forego the envelope and snap a picture of their receipt to be uploaded directly to the application. Users can also auto-import receipts from their Gmail account directly into Shoeboxed.

Shoeboxed utilizes 15 default tax categories that receipts are placed into, which include Auto, Bank, Retail, Groceries, Medical, Office Supplies, Postage & Shipping, and Travel, along with several others.   Once a receipt is placed in a certain category, it will automatically be placed in that category unless otherwise specified. Users can also create rules for receipts if desired.

Uploaded receipts can be easily viewed and managed directly from the Shoeboxed dashboard. For those that wish to upload receipts using their mobile device, they will need to sync their Gmail account with Shoeboxed. The product supports multiple currencies, with the application able to easily convert uploaded receipt totals to the default currency indicated during the setup process.

The Shoeboxed mileage tracker is available on both iOS and Android devices, automatically tracking mileage between destinations, or even trips with multiple stops. Once the trip has ended, Shoeboxed will automatically calculate mileage using the default mileage reimbursement amount entered during setup, with the mileage appearing in the receipts section of Shoeboxed.

Shoeboxed can create basic expense reports by accessing the receipts option, checking the box next to all of the receipts that need to be included on the report, and exporting the selected receipts. Receipts can be exported as a CSV file or as a PDF, with the report automatically emailed to the address specified during the export process.

Along with exporting to a CSV file or creating and saving reports as a PDF, Shoeboxed also integrates with a variety of third-party applications including QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, FreshBooks, and MYOB.

Shoeboxed offers a searchable knowledgebase, and the support page offers users Getting Started options, as well as information on Magic Envelopes, Mobile Apps, and eReceipts. Support is typically handled by chat, or users can request support from the Shoeboxed website. In addition, toll-free support is available during regular business hours.

Shoeboxed offers smaller businesses a good alternative to handling a large number of receipts. Shoeboxed offers three plans which include Lite, at $15.00 per month, which can manage up to 50 documents and supports one user. The Classic plan is $39.00 a month and handles up to 150 documents a month and supports two system users. The Business plan is $69.00 per month, can handle 500 documents per month and supports up to three system users. Both the Classic and Business plans also include integration with QuickBooks. Users can also visit the Shoeboxed website to access a trial of any of the plans.

2018 Rating: 5 Stars