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2018 Review of Neat




From the 2018 review of Travel & Expense Management systems.

NEAT offers excellent document and receipt management, with the system accessible via desktop, online, or mobile access. Users can easily scan documents directly into NEAT using the desktop utility, with users able to scan receipts, invoices, business cards, and any other business document. The NEAT mobile app also allows users to easily snap a photo of a receipt or document for easy uploading.

Along with scanning capability, users can also drag and drop PDF’s and image files directly into NEAT which uses InDocument Identification Technology that enables the application to easily read, identify and populate a variety of fields. NEAT offers a variety of scanners to be used with the application including the NeatReceipts portable scanner which can be used to scan receipts and business cards; the NeatDesk desktop scanner which allows users to scan up to 50 pages at once, and the NeatConnect Wi-Fi scanner that allows users to quickly scan documents and images directly into their NEAT Cloud account.

Users can create expense reports using the NEAT mobile app, choosing the items they wish to include in the expense report, or choosing a folder of items. Once the report is created, it can be shared with appropriate parties as needed.

All NEAT subscriptions also provide users with a personalized email address that makes it easy to quickly forward e-receipts and other documents directly into their NEAT account. NEAT also doubles as a document management system, providing users with automatic backup of all documents and images stored in the system.

Both the Premium and Business editions of NEAT integrate with QuickBooks Online. The Business edition also integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Sage One, which are also offered as add-on options for the Premium edition. The Premium and Business editions of NEAT also integrate with Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp, along with Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook. All editions of the product offer exporting capability to Microsoft Excel as well as a CSV format. Users can also save documents as a PDF in NEAT if desired.

The NEAT Help Center offers a variety of FAQ’s that are designed to assist new users with the setup process. Users can also enter a search word or phrase to access a variety of results for that particular search. Separate user guides area available for the Cloud Desktop App, the Web App, and the Mobile App, with short videos included in the user guide. There is also a troubleshooting guide available to download that provides assistance with installation or setup. All NEAT support plans offer email, phone, and chat support, with Business edition users also receiving VIP access and a toll-free support number to use.

NEAT is designed for small businesses that are looking for a better way to manage documents and receipts. NEAT is available in three editions; Lite, which is $79.99, and is designed for a single user; Premium, which is $119.99 and supports two users, and Business, which is $249.99 and supports up to five system users with all plans billed annually. NEAT also offers a free 30-day trial, so users can try out the system prior to purchasing.

2018 Rating: 4.5 Stars