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2018 Review of WASP Asset Cloud


WASP Barcode Technologies AssetCloud   


From the 2018 reviews of Fixed Asset Management systems.

AssetCloud from WASP is a scalable fixed asset management application that is best suited for business operations of any size that have a significant number of assets that need to be managed. AssetCloud is available as an online application, with three version of the product, Basic, Plus, and Complete offered.

Making use of mobile devices and barcode scanners, AssetCloud is designed for easy checking in and out of assets, essential for those that rent machinery or equipment, or have assets in various locations at all times.

The Plus and the Complete versions of AssetCloud support an unlimited number of sites and assets, easily managing multiple assets at multiple locations.

Entering a new asset in AssetCloud requires limited data entry, with users entering an asset tag, which will serve as the asset’s barcode number, the asset type, the site the asset will be located in, and the location where the asset is assigned. After the initial asset data has been entered, users can access the other function tabs to enter purchase details, deprecation information and add any asset related attached directly to the asset record, such as warranty information, maintenance records, or asset images. Both license and contract information can be managed in AssetCloud as well.

AssetCloud currently supports five depreciation methods; Straight Line, Double Declining Balance, 150% Declining Balance, Declining Balance Custom, and Sum-of-the-Years’ Digits. Users also have the option of creating custom depreciation classes so similar items can have depreciation calculated using the same method.

User-defined fields are found in all versions of AssetCloud, with the Basic version offering up to five custom fields, while the Plus and Complete versions offer unlimited user-defined fields. AssetCloud users can easily dispose or recover previously disposed assets, entering the reason for the disposal, with the option to add notes to either the asset disposal or recovery. Assets can also be easily moved from location or department as needed.

AssetCloud offers users a solid variety of asset and depreciation reports with over 25 standard reports available. Reports are categorized into groups which include Asset Reports, Asset Depreciation Reports, Audit Reports, Check Out Reports, Contract/License Reports, Funding Reports, Transaction Reports, and Other Reports. Asset reports available include Asset by Type, Asset by Department, and Asset with Dispose Status. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, and users can choose report recipients by simply entering the email address when completing the report scheduling process. A built-in report designer is also included in AssetCloud, so users can create custom reports as desired. All system reports can be saved as a PDF if desired.

AssetCloud integrates seamlessly with other WASP applications that are designed to manage assets and inventory. The product also works with all WASP mobile computers and barcode scanners, with users able to purchase the necessary hardware and software directly from WASP. AssetCloud is designed to work on all mobile computer systems, as well as both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

Those interested in AssetCloud can visit the Pricing page on the WASP website to request a 30-day demo of the product edition they desire. The AssetCloud Resource Center offers a variety of help and support option to users, including a complete user guide, case studies, demo videos, a FAQ page, and access to both product training and support options. Toll-free product support is available during regular business hours, or users can opt to contact support via email or chat. Technical support pricing is included in the cost of the product.

Best suited for businesses that need to track numerous fixed assets located in a variety of locations, AssetCloud from WASP Barcode Technology is available in three editions, with the Basic Plan starting at $49.00 per user/per month, with a maximum of two users supported. Both the Plus and the Complete version of AssetCloud supports unlimited users, with the Plus version starting at $79.00 per user/per month, and the Complete version starting at $119.00 per user/per month. Discounts are available to users that choose to be billed annually or purchase a multi-year subscription. Users can also choose to purchase hardware peripherals when purchasing AssetCloud. Various product training options are also available.

2018 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars