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2018 Review of Pro-Ware Asset Keeper

Pro-Ware Asset Keeper


From the 2018 reviews of Fixed Asset Management systems.

Pro-Ware Asset Keeper from Pro-Ware LLC is a good fit for businesses that wish to manage fixed assets and depreciation in-house. Asset Keeper is also a good fit for accounting professionals that currently manage fixed assets and depreciation for clients supporting an unlimited number of clients and assets.

Asset Keeper can be downloaded from the Pro-Ware website, and is designed to be installed on desktop or network computers. The product also offers cross-platform capability; working on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Users can download a free demo to try out and change to a full license if purchasing the software. Asset Keeper also comes with a site license, allowing it to be installed on an unlimited number of systems.

Asset Keeper contains an easily navigated user interface, with a series of colorful icons at the top of the screen that offer quick access to system functions. The asset Add-Edit page is where users can manage all asset activity, including entering a new asset. Tabs below allow users to add a variety of information specific to each asset, including general details about the asset, and also contains user defined fields for additional asset tracking. The Methods tab allows users to choose the depreciation method they wish to use, choosing from Federal, AMT, ACE, Book, and State. Notes specific to the asset can be entered in the Notes field, and asset images can be easily added to the asset file for future reference. A Document option is also available, so users can attach asset-related documents such a warranties, repair and maintenance records, and invoices to the asset record as well.

Asset Keeper offers a variety of methods for calculating depreciation, including MACRS Personal, MACRS Real, MACRS Indian, Book, ACRS Personal, ACRS Real, and Pre-ACRS, as well as several others. An Auto Mileage option allows users to track current and prior year mileage on automobiles, and the Asset Tracking functions provides easy tracking of all assets by type, location of asset and asset assignment.

Asset Keeper’s depreciation engine easily calculates a variety of depreciation options which include Annual Depreciation, Monthly Depreciation, Beginning Accumulated Depreciation, Projected Depreciation, Short-year Depreciation, and Pro-Rated Depreciation. Auto-Assign options are available for Section 179, AMT Methods and Lives, ACE Methods and Lives, and Merger and Termination, and can also calculate annual depreciation, monthly depreciation, beginning accumulated depreciation, projected depreciation, short year depreciation, and pro-rated depreciation.

Asset Keeper supports individual or bulk asset disposal and also support like-exchanges as well as partial asset disposal. Users can also combine multiple assets into a single asset if desired. Other tools available include the ability to duplicate an asset, undo an asset disposal or like-kind exchange, split an asset, or trade a portion of the asset.

Asset Keeper offers a good selection of reports, which are grouped into categories including General Reports, End of Year Reports, Monthly and Periodic Reports, Tax Reports, Projected Reports, Management Reports, and Miscellaneous Reports. Available reports include Asset Depreciation, Depreciation Comparison, Asset Summary, and an Asset Valuation report. Reports can be easily customized, and a built-in report writer offers more customization and editing options. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or saved as a PDF.

Asset Keeper offers good import/export capability, with users able to convert files import data files from a variety of third-party applications including Bloomberg Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets CS, ProSystem fx Fixed Asset, and Sage Fixed Assets. Data files can also be imported and exported using Microsoft Excel or CSV files.

Asset Keeper offers a good selection of help and support resources including FAQ’’s, a How-To section, and a comprehensive help file that can be viewed and printed as a PDF file if desired. Interim updates are included in the product purchase, and technical support is included in the cost of the product, with support available via telephone or fax during regular business hours.

Asset Keeper from Pro-Ware offers solid fixed asset and depreciation management capability and is well-suited for both businesses and accounting professionals. The product is purchased as a subscription and can be downloaded from the Pro-Ware website. The 2017 version of Asset Keeper is available for $499.00 which supports an unlimited number of users.

2018-Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars