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2018 Review of GoCodes

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Go Codes


From the 2018 reviews of Fixed Asset Management systems.

GoCodes is an asset and inventory tracking program that is a good fit for businesses of any size that need to manage assets and inventory. Ideal for contractors that maintain equipment, as well as medical and IT businesses, GoCodes users QR codes to track and identify assets and inventory quickly and easily.

Completely web-based, GoCodes works with any type of computer or device including desktop and laptop systems as well as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Users can easily enter assets in GoCodes, with detail such as asset type, sub-type, group, and serial number tracked. Users can also record service dates for each particular asset. Users can also assign an employee to a particular asset update, a handy feature for those handling equipment and repairs. Asset tags with a QR code can also be stored in the asset record, and users can easily attach related documentation such as invoices, repair records, warranty information, or asset photos if desired. GoCodes also contains a Messages/Map option that allows managers to see exactly where the tracked asset is at any time.

GoCodes makes excellent use of barcode technology, allowing users to check assets into and out of the application quickly. Barcode technology can also be utilized when managing inventory levels; checking products into inventory, and performing monthly counts quickly.

During the initial setup process, GoCodes offers data migration assistance, with users able to copy their current data onto a template. Once completed, GoCodes will upload the template into the application, eliminating the need to enter data manually.

Using GoCodes, users can check the history of any asset, including who the asset has been assigned to, where the asset has been, as well as any additional data tracked using the user-defined fields. Tracking service requests, repairs, and maintenance of each particular asset is easy by simply using the QR code attached to that particular asset. Managers can also set up the system so that an email is sent to them each time an asset is scanned at any location.  

GoCodes can also calculate depreciation and uses a variation of MACRS during all calculations, which are based on the asset data entered. Depreciation calculation is automatic, using calculations that cover the most common scenarios for fixed assets. This is done using the pre-built depreciation reports that are included in the application; calculating default depreciation data including annual depreciation, current year depreciation, prior year depreciation, total depreciation to date, and balance remaining to be depreciated. The report will create an Excel/CSV file that can be exported for more detailed depreciation management. The product also offers a total of 10 user-defined fields that can be customized in order to track additional asset detail, if desired.

The GoCodes Help Center offers users quick access to product support, with users able to track and manage any open tickets as well. There is also a completely searchable knowledgebase available on the Support page as well.

GoCodes offers a comprehensive video on their website for those interested in learning more about the application. They also offer a 30-day free demo which users can download directly from the website. .  

Go Codes offers up to 18 customizable reports in the Enterprise level of the product, with the reporting function optional in the other versions of the application.

Go Codes is available in four versions; Standard, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise. Phone support is included in all versions except Standard, with pricing starting at $199.00 per year for the Standard version. The Professional version of the product is $199.00 per month and includes 10 users and 2,000 assets. Enterprise version pricing is available upon request.


2018 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars