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2018 Review of Sure Payroll – A Paychex Company


Sure Payroll – A Paychex Company


From the 2018 reviews of professional payroll systems.

SurePayroll – A Paychex company, is well suited for small to mid-sized employers with less than 100 employees. SurePayroll also works well for accounting firms that offer payroll processing services to clients with less than 100 employees. Accountants have a few options to partner with SurePayroll: To become a referral partner and direct clients to the product; To use the partner dashboard to access client payroll information for those already using the product; Or to become a reseller and offer payroll services in-house to clients.

SurePayroll offers an Accountant Partner Program that is designed to give firms a new way to view how client payroll is facilitated and completely eliminate the massive amount of overhead that typically comes with doing client payroll. SurePayroll Accountant Partner Program helps to retain and grow your client base while increasing your bottom line. With no upfront investment, accountants and resellers can deliver value-added payroll tax services that are convenient and affordable. SurePayroll allows payroll to be filed easily from anywhere at any time. Accountants and resellers have control over markup, a customized branded portal with their color scheme and logo, and a U.S. based dedicated accountant care team to ensure they have all the resources they need.

SurePayroll completely online and handles payroll in all 50 states. SurePayroll offers a mobile payroll app for both IOS and Android tablets and smartphones, take care of payroll reporting, handles quarterly and annual tax reporting such as 940’s and handles year-end tax filings such as W-2’s and 1099’s. SurePayroll gives accountants, resellers, and their client’s complete peace of mind by using leading security methods and technology to keep sensitive information safe and handles all tax liability processing including reporting and remittance to the appropriate agency. In addition, SurePayroll offers solutions for managing 401(k) plans, health insurance, and workers’ compensation. SurePayroll is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex.

2018 Overall Rating – 4.75 Stars