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2018 Review of Crest Payroll


Crest Payroll

Paramount Software Solutions, Inc.


From the 2018 reviews of professional payroll systems.

Crest Payroll, from Paramount Software is designed for professional payroll service providers, making it an excellent option for accounting professionals who offer payroll services to clients. In addition to Crest Payroll, Paramount Software also offers Business Pay; a payroll service aimed at small to-mid-sized businesses looking to outsource payroll and HR.

Crest Payroll supports an unlimited number of clients and employees, and offers flexible payroll frequencies. Crest also allows accounting firms to offer payroll services under their own brand name.

Crest Payroll is an online payroll application, and can be used on a variety of devices including smart phones and tablets, so users can access the system from anywhere at any time. The mobile and the online version of the application are identical, so users will have access to the same features, no matter what device they access the application from.

Depending on the level of customization required for a company, users can typically set up company data in a short amount of time. Crest Payroll offers a completely automated payroll process, once the initial system setup has been completed. After setup, users only need to enter payroll data when changes or additions are required.

Crest Payroll support multi-state payroll, and allows users to set up a variety of custom pay types and deductions if necessary. The product also supports after the fact payroll.

Crest Payroll offers tax tables for all 50 states, and handles all payroll liability reporting including federal, state, and local reporting requirements. The product also supports both electronic filing and electronic payment options. Crest Payroll also offers new hire and W-2 processing as well.

Crest Payroll offers solid payroll reporting options, with over 40 standard reports including in the product. Available reports include an Employee Summary Report, a Period Comparison Report, and a Payroll Details Report. Users can also use the Custom Reports Designer to create custom reports that can be saved for future use. All Crest reports can be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel, or saved as a PDF if desired, and users can also share reports with clients via the online portal included in the application.

Crest Payroll offers a built-in time clock system, or users can choose to import time and attendance data from just about and time system available.

Along with the payroll application, Paramount Software also offers other applications, including Summit DMS, a delivery management service, eVault 365, an online document management solution, Meridian MSP, an application tracking system, and a Sales Tax solution that helps to automate sales tax processing. Also available is HR Tools that offers a variety of human resource management tools including a web-based time clock, employee records, employee onboarding, and E-Sign and E-Verify options. Crest Payroll also offers integration with QuickBooks.

Crest Payroll offers a client and employee portal where users can sign in securely and access payroll information such as paystubs and W-2s.

Mentioned earlier, Crest Payroll offers HR Tools, an add-on module that offers comprehensive HR capability and fully integrates with the payroll application.

Paramount Software offers product support via telephone and email. I did try to access support several times when using the product, but was unable to reach them. Users can also access support via the product. There is limited help functionality available on the vendor’s website to access, though users can register to download a brochure or view a brief demo.

Crest Payroll offers accounting professionals an automated payroll system, designed specifically for accounting and payroll professionals offering payroll services to clients. A good solution for firms running multiple payrolls with a high number of employees, Crest Payroll pricing is based on the number of active employees in each client’s business, with no additional per check or per payroll run assessed.

2018 Rating: 4.5 Stars