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April 2018 Tax & Compliance Channel


Top Tax Blogs & Social Media:

Tax Pros: How Are You Protecting Your Clients’ Data? AICPA Insights.

Sales & Use Tax Non-Collection Becomes PR Risk for Online Sellers. Thomson Reuters blog.

President Trump and House Republicans Discuss Part Two of Tax Reform. Wolters Kluwer blog.

10 Tax Preparer Penalties to Avoid. Canopy blog.

“LEAN” Tax Production Opportunities. CPA Consultants Alliance blog.


Tax News:

The Disconnect Between Tax Pros and Trusts. Some people think that it is the best taxable situation for a client, and others think that all trusts protect assets.

Tax Departments Play Critical Role in M&A Activity. M&A transactions present tax-related complexities, risks, hidden costs, and unknowns that tax departments must address.

Tax Reform Means New Rules for Business Meal Deductions. Under the new tax reform law, no deduction is allowed for business entertainment, beginning in 2018. But the law isn’t exactly clear how the new rules apply to business meals.

New Tax Loophole for Home Equity Loans. The deduction for mortgage interest paid on “acquisition debt” is modified, while write-offs for interest paid on “home equity debt” are eliminated.

IRS Issues Guidance on Transition Tax. The notice describes regulations that the Treasury Department and the IRS intend to issue, including rules intended to prevent the avoidance of section 965.

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April 2018 Firm Management Channel

Top Social Media and Blog Posts: What do Millennials Really Want at Work? The Same as the Rest of Us. Harvard Business Review. The 5 Best Times to Evaluate Technology. Wolters Kluwer blog. Introducing the Blockchain Concept to Your Firm. CPA Consultants Alliance blog. How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative. TED Talks video. 5 […]


The Top 3 Sales Tax Changes Companies Must Know

Sales and use tax is always evolving. It evolves to keep up with new industries, to meet the changing needs of a state, or one of countless other factors. It’s a complex thing. And that means we’re always on the lookout for new sales tax trends across ...