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2018 Review of Sage Intacct – AR Functions

Sage Intacct

From the 2018 reviews of AR systems.

The Sage Group announced in July of 2017 that they had acquired Intacct. Formerly known as Intacct, the product is now known as Sage Intacct, with much of the functionality of the product remaining the same, including cloud-based accessibility.

Designed for mid-sized and larger businesses, Sage Intacct offer complete financial and accounting functionality, including GL, AR, AP, Order Entry, and Cash Management modules, with all modules working together seamlessly. There are also a number of additional modules available, including Purchasing, Time & Expenses, Inventory Control, Customization Services, Contract Revenue Management, Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations, Spend Management and Project Accounting.

Sage Intacct’s AR capabilities, lets companies track the full customer lifecycle, from order to invoice to payment to cash. Customer-centric insight allows companies to quickly understand customer profitability as well as order, collection and payment activities. Customer profiles may be segmented easily using Customer Grouping capabilities to manage invoicing and payment timelines. Further tailoring of invoicing terms and credit limits helps companies reduce their DSO.

The receipt of payments entry screen allows users to choose the payment method, with multiple payment methods accepted including checks, cash, transfers, credit cards and ACH. Users choose the bank account to deposit the payment to and the relevant customer. A list of all open invoices is then displayed, with users able to choose the invoices to be paid by simply entering the amount paid along with any discounts. The payments screen offers drill-down capability, with users able to access to customer invoices. Overpayments can also be processed directly from the payment screen when necessary, with sales returns processed through the Order Entry module. Sage Intacct also allows users to apply advance payments, and for those selling on a cash basis, the product can process payments that are not directly applied to a customer.  

Sage Intacct offers multi-currency capability, with users able to invoice and accept payments in a variety of currencies.

Sage Intacct offers an excellent selection of accounts receivable reports including an AR Ledger, AR Recurring Report, a variety of Customer Aging Reports, a Customer List Report, and Revenue by Customer Type. Users are able to view reports on screen, print a report, process and save a report for future access, add the report to a dashboard, memorize the report, or export the report to Microsoft Word or Excel, as well as a Text file or CSV file.

Sage Intacct allows can choose to print or email customer statements by accessing the print/email option in the accounts receivable module. Users can access the Apply Penalties option in the AR module that provides users with the option to view past due accounts and apply a finance charge or penalty if desired.

Sage Intacct is a completely integrated system, with all modules designed to work together seamlessly. In addition to the standard financial modules (GL, AR, AP, Order Entry and Cash Management) Sage Intacct also offers Project Accounting, Contract and Subscription Billing, and several others. The product also offers integration with a variety of third-party applications such as Magento, PayPal, and Salesforce, along with numerous applications available.  

Sage Intacct is an easily navigated application that offers excellent accounts receivable capability. Designed for mid-sized, large, and global businesses, Sage Intacct also offers a free 30-trial for those interested. Pricing is available upon request directly from the vendor.

2018 Overall Rating – 5 Stars