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2018 Review of Kashoo – AR Functions



From the 2018 reviews of AR systems.

Kashoo is a cloud-based accounting application designed for small businesses. Unlike many other small business apps, Kashoo offers double-sided accounting ability, along with GL capability, with users able to easily customize the application to suit their needs. Kashoo also offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

All customer/client accounts are easily managed from the Clients interface screen. Users can easily record a variety of information about each customer, including any related website address, referral information, and any related campaign, a plus for small nonprofits. Users can also add payment terms to each customer’s account, though there is no option to set up credit limits or other payment options. Finance charges can be added to any customer account, though they have to be added manually to each invoice. Customer order history and payment are easily accessible from the client account or by running the All Transactions report.

Users can easily add a credit to a customer’s account using the payment option screen. The credit would be entered as a deposit from a customer, and would remain on the account until it was applied to an open invoice or refunded to the customer. Kashoo handles basic expense entry and does not offer return authorization capability in the system at this time.

Kashoo integrates with business bank accounts, making it easy to quickly record both ACH and other electronic payments. Users can also accept credit card payments, with payments processed through Stripe or BluePay. Invoices can be emailed directly to customers, providing customers with the option to make a payment online. Kashoo automatically notifies users when a payment has been made.

Conveniently, users can enter payment information from the same interface used when adding a new invoice. When entering a payment, users simply click on the Enter Payment option at the top of the screen, choose the correct customer and enter the related payment information, with a list of open invoices displayed to the right of the screen. Any prepayments, credits or overpayments can be applied in the payment screen as well.

Kashoo users can create an activity statement for both customers and suppliers, with two statement options available; an Activity Statement, which displays a record of all activity, including invoices, expenses, credits, and payments, and a Summary Statement, which displays only outstanding invoices or expenses.

Kashoo also offers multi-currency capability, so business owners can create invoices and accept payments in a variety of currencies. Kashoo offers limited reporting options, with the only accounts receivable report being the Unpaid Invoices Report, which provides detailed information on any customer balances, from current to more than 90 days past due. All Kashoo reports can be easily viewed on screen, printed, exported to Microsoft Excel, saved as an HTML file or PDF, or sent to Google Drive.

Kashoo offers complete system integration, with all features and functions integrating with the GL. Kashoo also offers integration with a variety of banking centers and offers an add-on payroll app as well as integration with FreshBooks.

Kashoo is a good fit for the small business that currently sells goods or services world-wide, offering solid accounting capability. Pricing for Kashoo currently runs $16.65 per month and includes product support. A 14-day free trial is available as well.

2018 – Overall Rating – 4.25 Stars