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2018 Review of FuseBill – AR Functions


From the 2018 reviews of AR apps.

Fusebill is well-suited for businesses of any size that need help with managing subscription and recurring billings. Fusebill offers integration with QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, NetSuite, Avalara, along with other applications.

Fusebill offers complete subscription management, including online invoicing and payment capability. Recurring billing is also supported, with a variety of pricing and billing models available including usage-based billing, one-time, tiered, volume, discount, calendar year, fixed recurring, and one-time billing.

Fusebill also includes a payment gateway that allows invoice recipients a variety of online payment options. Each customer account can be set up to charge credit cards automatically, which helps ensure consistent cash flow. Users will also be promptly notified if a customer’s credit card has been declined.  

Fusebill automatically generates invoice on the day specified for each particular customer, with users able to automate the posting of invoices to each account. Users can also choose the option to automatically collect payment from a particular customer or group of customers as desired.

The payments section of Fusebill provides users with a list of all payment related activities for each customer, with the option to auto-collect payment for each customer based on a credit card that is kept on file. Users can also add a manual payment if needed, and refunds can be processed from the payment activities screen as well.

Managing subscriptions and recurring billings can be time-consuming and confusing. Fusebill makes it easy to stay on top of the situation, offering easy management and payment options for customers. Fusebill offers three editions with the Start-Up edition running $99.00 per month, with custom pricing available for an Enterprise edition for those processing more than $10 million in AR revenue annually.