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2018 Review of Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite

Centreviews Business intelligence Suite

From the March 2018 reviews of AR apps.

Suitable for very large businesses that process thousands of invoices monthly, Centreviews is an invoice/accounts receivable management product that works to consolidate the receivables process to a central repository. In doing so, Centreviews helps to ensure that all the relevant pieces of a complex AR process are in one location, with users immediately alerted if any required documentation is missing. Once all documents are linked, they are stored in a searchable archive that can be accessed at any time.

Centreviews also offers users both eBilling and ePayment options, including the ability to create and send electronic invoices, as well as receive electronic payments. Centreviews provides users with easy invoice/payment matching, reconciling remittances automatically. 

Centreviews offers integration with a number of popular ERP systems including SAP, Epicor, Oracle, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Sage, Yardi, and also offers integration with QuickBooks. In addition, all files stored in Centreviews can be easily exported to a CSV file.

While not suitable for everyone, for enterprise level businesses that maintain multiple locations, Centreviews can offer numerous benefits, including a central location for all documents as well as reducing or eliminating the need to fax, copy, or email documents to other locations. Along with AR functionality, Centreviews also offers AP and Document Management capability.

Centreviews starts at $500.00 per month, making it more suitable for larger business operations with multiple locations and more complex needs.