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2018 Review of Anytime Collect AR Functions


From the March 2018 reviews of AR apps.

Anytime Collect is a cloud-based accounts receivable and collection tool that helps businesses get paid faster. Designed for any business that sells on credit, Anytime Collect is available in three versions; Express, Standard, and Enterprise. Anytime Collect automates the entire AR and collections process by providing a number of features designed to make it easy for customers to pay, and make it easy to follow up or institute a collection process when they don’t pay.

Anytime Collect offers online bill payment, with users able to send customers an email with a secure link, where they can pay their bill, quickly and easily. The Auto Email feature automatically sends out emails to customers based on preferences defined during setup, including welcoming emails to new customers, bill payment reminders, and past due notices. Users can also attach supporting documents to emails. The Prioritize Actions screen allows users to easily manage the sometimes-overwhelming collection process, containing custom color-coded tiles that can help guide users towards the question of who to call next, and what other actions should be taken.

Anytime Collect can also facilitate the collection process when an invoice is being disputed by escalating the invoice to the correct person. The program also offers complete phone call management, with all customer calls recorded and stored in the system for easy future access. The product also offers document storage capability, both at the account and the invoice level, and offers several document management options.

Anytime Collect also offers a variety of dashboard reports that provide performance metrics such as Average Time to Receive Payment, Top Customers, Average Days Receivable, and Percent of Overdue Receivables. Other information available includes Top Delinquent Accounts, Current AR Aging, Cash Summary, and Projected Cash Receipts.

Anytime Collect is ideal for businesses that need to manage AR and collections more proactively. Available in three versions, users can contact Anytime Collect for a quote.