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2018 Review of UpYourCashFlow

Up Your Cash Flow

From the 2018 reviews of Cash Management systems.

Up Your Cash Flow is budgeting and cash flow forecasting software. Available only as a desktop application, Up Your Cash Flow is designed for both business owners and accounting professionals. The product offers easy financial analysis and the ability for business owners and accountants to easily develop cash management strategies.

To begin using Up Your Cash Flow, users can import a current trial balance, profit and loss, and balance sheet. These totals can be keyed into the product as well. Once this information has been entered, users can begin the setup process. The Quick Start option provides users with a handy grid, and contains 14 steps to allow users to enter the information needed to create a cash flow plan. The Planning Center offers a number of setup options. The user simply clicks on the field next to the option to bring up the data entry screen, where company, sales, cost of sales, and various department information can be entered.

Up Your Cash Flow allows can provide up to 99 different financial forecasts. Multi-year forecasting capability is also available, with users able to use up to five years of data in a forecast, if desired. There is also an option to create a one-hour forecast, with users entering sales and collection totals from the prior year, along with other data such as cost of goods sold and expense data. Once the ten steps are completed, a cash forecast is ready for viewing.

Up Your Cash Flow offers a solid selection of financial analysis tools, including business valuation, economic value added, a currency converter for those using multiple currencies. Also available is a product price analysis, economic order analysis, and determining both product price and product cost.

The dashboard in Up Your Cash Flow provides users with the opportunity to create a variety of what-if scenarios, including the ability to increase or decrease sales, increase or decrease the cost of sales, and increase or decrease fixed expenses or variable expenses. Users can choose to apply any or all of the what-if scenarios to the current plan.

Up Your Cash Flow offers both Financial and Management Reports, with a solid variety of reports available in each category, including Profit and Loss by Quarter, Cash Flow Monthly report, Cash Flow Year to Date, Comparative Profit and Loss, Annual Ratios, Comparative Ratios, and Comparative Cash Flow. The product also offers Accountants Reports, which include Engagement Letters, Budget Reports, Forecast Reports and Projection Reports. All reports created in Up Your Cash Flow can be exported to Excel for further customization capability if desired. CSV files and Excel spreadsheet files can be imported into Up Your Cash Flow as well.  

Up Your Cash Flow offers comprehensive cash flow management, analysis, and reporting options for businesses as well as accounting professionals.

Ideally suited for accounting professionals and business owners that need quick access to complex cash flow reports, cash forecasting capability, and cash flow analysis, Up Your Cash Flow runs $749.00 with annual support running $249.00. A 30-trial is available to download prior to purchasing.  

Overall Rating – 4.75 Stars