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2018 Review of Mint

Mint from Intuit

From the 2018 reviews of Cash Management apps.

Mint, from Intuit, is a personal finance tool designed to bring all financial data together to create a single view of all cash related activity. Supported by targeted ads, Mint is free to use, and is designed for individuals who wish to manage their cash flow.

Upon signing up for Mint, users simply link Mint to their bank account or other financial institutions. Users can determine which accounts they wish to connect in Mint, with the choice to exclude some if desired. When setting up Mint, users can choose to utilize the default categories included in Mint, or can rename current categories to better reflect their own needs.

Along with providing real time updates to both bank accounts and credit card balances, Mint also allows users to easily manage their bills, with the ability to pay bills directly from the app, rather than logging in to multiple vendor sites to pay bills. Mint also provides users with automatic reminders, eliminating late payments and late payment fees, as well as an alert when account funds are low. Users are also alerted to any suspicious or unusual activity that may take place.

Mint also provides users with suggested budgets, based on user activity and account balances. All suggested budgets can be utilized as is, or users can easily adjust totals, or simply create their own budgets as needed.

A nice feature in Mint is the ability to access credit scores at no additional cost, simply verifying identity prior to access. Credit monitoring alerts are also provided on a daily basis.

Mint produces a weekly summary of all activity, displaying a chart that outlines where all funds went, enabling users to easily see where the majority of their money is spent. Users are also provided with a total of all fees incurred for the week, including ATM fees, Over-Budget Spending, and Bill Reminders.

Along with money management, Mint also provides users with access to their investment portfolios, displaying asset allocations from all investment accounts.

Mint has both an Android and an iOS app, and can be accessed from anywhere and is available at no cost.

Overall rating: 4

(Note: Mint is a personal finance app, not designed for business use.)