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2018 Review of Kashoo



From the 2018 reviews of Cash Management systems.

Kashoo bills itself as Simple Online Accounting, with the product offers easy online access to the small business owner and self-employed individual. Completely cloud-based, Kashoo is accessible from a desktop, laptop, or from your iPhone or iPad. Kashoo offers double-entry accounting, as well as custom invoicing and multi-currency capability.

The Kashoo dashboard provides users with solid cash forecasting capability, with the ability to forecast for the next quarter. Users are provided with details on both monthly and annual income totals, expenses, as well as current AP and AR balances. Users can also view both prior-month and prior-years for easy comparison. In addition, iOS users will be able to have immediate access to three dashboard reports including a Profit and Loss Overview, an Income Overview, and an Expense Overview.

Kashoo offers users an automatic bank feed, with users able to choose the banking institutions they wish to connect to, and simply add them to Kashoo. This allows users to automatically import all bank transactions by importing transactions via bank feed, from both banking institutions and credit card companies. Users can also opt to upload a bank file directly into Kashoo if desired. Once transactions have been matched, and all additional transactions entered, users can save the reconciliation. There is also an option to perform a traditional bank reconciliation in Kashoo without importing banking data, with the completed statement added to Kashoo.

Though Kashoo provides users with excellent detail on current income and expenses, there is no true budgeting capability in the product.

Users can easily access both a profit and loss statement and a cash flow statement in Kashoo. The dashboard also offers a good analysis of current and future revenues and expenses, so small business owners can be more informed, managing cash better.

Kashoo uses state of the art data centers that utilize SOC Type II certification. Additional security features include 24×7 security at all facilities, security cameras, and biometric scanners used for data center access.

Kashoo offers a wide variety of comprehensive reports, with report categories including Income Statement, Unpaid Invoices, Unpaid Bills, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, All Transactions, and History reports. Both reports and dashboards are updated in real time as transactions are entered, so users will always have access to the most current information. All Kashoo reports can be displayed on screen, exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file, saved as an HTML file or a PDF, or shared with Google Sheets if desired.  

Kashoo offers multi-currency capability; making it an ideal option for businesses with a global presence. The product also offers the ability to produce invoices and enter expenses in any currency. There is also a Gain/Loss report available that highlights any gains or losses incurred on any foreign currency transactions.

Kashoo offers account transfer capability, with users able to transfer funds for payment on bills or transfer funds from a foreign banking institution to a domestic one. Kashoo offers a complete financial system, with all features integrated seamlessly. The product offers easy import/export functionality, as well as solid integration with payment acceptance and payroll apps.

Designed for the small business owner, Kashoo offers a solid selection of cash management features including bank feeds, bank reconciliation capability, cash forecasting, and solid reporting options. Pricing for Kashoo is $29.95 per month, or $199.95 for an annual subscription.  


Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars