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2018 Review of CashFlowMapper


From the 2018 reviews of Cash Management apps.

CashFlowMapper is well suited for businesses of any size that want to create a variety of custom cash flow plans for their business. Users simply choose the plan details when creating a new plan; entering the opening cash balance, along with a minimum cash balance. Plans can also have unique start and stop dates. Each cash flow plan can be maintained separately, or merged into one plan. Using this format makes it easy to create multiple scenarios for review.

Users can import transactions via a CSV file or can simply enter them directly into CashFlowMapper, indicating recurrence and frequency. Users can also import and later edit any transactions as needed. Once the transactions have been entered, users can view the completed plan, which displays daily balances, based on the information entered into the plan during setup. An at-a-glance graph is also available to view, which displays daily cash balances in a graphical format. Users can also view multiple plans in a single graph if desired.

Once plans are complete, users can export them as a CSV file, with graphs exportable as a PNG file. A spreadsheet view of all cash flow reports is also available, if desired.

Those interested in CashFlowMapper can download a 30-day free trial directly from the CashFlowMapper website. There is also a brief product tour available on the website as well.

CashFlowMapper is available by monthly subscription, with three levels of subscription available. Subscriptions start at $25.00 per month for the Basic version, which is for personal budgeting and supports up to eight plans. Businesses will likely find the Standard and Premium versions better suited to their needs, with the Standard version running $80.00 per month, and supporting 40 plans, while the Premium level runs $150.00 per month, and supports an unlimited number of plans. All subscription levels include all software updates and enhancements.

Overall rating: 4.25 Stars