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2017 Review of BigTime IQ

BigTime IQ from BigTime Software is a good fit for professional services firms including accounting and CPA firms. BigTime IQ can be utilized as a stand-alone time and billing solution, or integrated with QuickBooks and Lacerte for a more complete ...

From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

BigTime IQ from BigTime Software is a good fit for professional services firms including accounting and CPA firms. BigTime IQ can be utilized as a stand-alone time and billing solution, or integrated with QuickBooks and Lacerte for a more complete solution. BigTime also offers DCAA compliant time billing and timekeeping capability, useful for government agencies or contractors working with the government.

BigTime IQ is completely cloud based, and also offers robust mobile app that works with both iPhone and Android devices and even offers mobile time capability for tracking time from any location, with users able to submit both time and expenses uses their mobile device, with expense details entered automatically into the correct fields. Users can also track time even if offline, and the mobile app offers automatic sync capability with the main application. Recently updated, BigTime IQ includes a new dashboard that displays vital information in real time, and is completely customizable, with each user able to display the data relevant to his or her position in the firm.

BigTime IQ

Users can choose to enter time manually or use one of the unlimited timers that are included with the product.  Timesheet functionality has also been enhanced, with users able to create a custom timesheet that works specifically for their needs, with more than 30 timesheet templates available to utilize as desired. Users can easily add, remove or rename columns to better suit their needs. Users can also choose from four submission periods; weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly, and approval workflows are easily set up in BigTime IQ to ensure that timesheets are routed to the proper personnel on a timely basis. Along with tracking time, BigTime IQ also tracks expenses, with the ability to snap a photo of receipts and later attach the image to a related expense report.

BigTime IQ contains more than 20 custom invoicing templates, with an invoice editor that allows users to personalize the invoice with a logo, include notes, and even include itemized expenses with receipts. Flexible billing formats are also available, including fixed fee, percentage, and incremental invoicing. Managers can easily assign up to five different billing rates to each employee or task code, and the system allows for an unlimited number of custom rates for each project that is recorded in the system. Time and Materials invoices can also be prepared, and Work-in-Progress management capability allows users to track all unbilled time, as well as bill clients and customers by date range if desired. All invoices can be reviewed prior to processing, with users able to print an invoice to mail, or email an invoice to a client directly.

BigTime IQ offers more than 150 reports that can be easily customized using the built-in report customization tools. Users can choose from standard reports, copy an existing report to further customize, or create a custom report from scratch using the included Report Wizard. Users can access all reports from the Report Center, where reports are listed in four categories; Time Tracking, Invoicing, Payroll, and Task Lists. Both staff and firm performance reports are available for management to track due dates for all assigned tasks, track staff hours, determine staff productivity and profitability levels and manage both billable and non-billable hours. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel or saved as a PDF.

Along with iPhone and Android apps, BigTime IQ integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Lacerte Tax, Zapier, and Slack, as well as offering integration with Google Apps. BigTime IQ’s TaxLink app offers easy sync capability between Lacerte files and BigTime IQ.

BigTime IQ offers users access to their comprehensive knowledgebase, with users able to browse through categories or enter search terms for answers. There are also a series of recorded webinars which users can access on demand, and those interested in the product can request a personal demo of the application as well. Product support is available during regular business hours with all support handled from their headquarters in Chicago, with users accessing support via email.

BigTime IQ is a scalable product that is well suited for small to mid-sized professional firms, including accounting and CPA firms. The product is available in three versions; Express, which is a 5-user system only offering time tracking capability, which runs $5.60 per user, per month. The Pro version is a 10-user system which also includes invoicing functionality and currently runs $16.00 per user, per month. Finally, the Enterprise version is also a 10-user system, and includes premium product support as well as budget tracking capability and currently runs $27.20 per user, per month. A free-trial of any of the three editions is available and does not require a credit card to start the trial.

2017 Overall Rating: 5 Stars