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2017 Review of Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl is warehouse and manufacturing management software designed to integrate with all QuickBooks applications, including QuickBooks Online. Fishbowl also integrates with Xero. Available in both U.S. and Canadian versions, Fishbowl is best suited ...



Fishbowl is warehouse and manufacturing management software designed to integrate with all QuickBooks applications, including QuickBooks Online. Fishbowl also integrates with Xero. Available in both U.S. and Canadian versions, Fishbowl is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses that are currently using QuickBooks or Xero applications.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

Fishbowl is offers as a desktop solution, or users can use Fishbowl Anywhere, which offers product access from anywhere with an Internet connection. A mobile app called Fishbowl Go is also available for both iOS or Android device users and provides mobile barcode scanning capability, allowing users to generate and scan barcodes, receive inventory, and track orders with their smart phone. Another inventory solution, Boxstorm, is a cloud based solution that is designed for smaller businesses that don’t require the in-depth features and functionality found in Fishbowl.

Fishbowl can be used to track and manage both business assets and inventory, as well as the entire manufacturing process. The main screen contains a flow chart that outlines all related product features including dashboard and reporting access. The warehouse features in Fishbowl include the ability to handle inventory for multiple warehouses, handle drop shipping, and create an unlimited number of custom fields. The product offers multi-currency capability, and users can set up an auto-reorder function that will automatically place an order with the approved vendor when stock becomes low. Fishbowl easily tracks customer purchase history, offers integration with CRM applications, and contains a fully customizable dashboard. The product also offers product substitution capability, and supports multiple ship-to addresses for all inventory items shipped.

Fishbowl offers serialized tracking of all inventory products, with users able to track inventory by lot number as well. Users can easily generate and print custom barcodes for products, and Fishbowl offers a variety of barcode scanners and related hardware as well.

Fishbowl allows users to easily add product images or related documents to any inventory item. Creating a kit is completed in the product module, with users able to create standard kits using a specific product and quantity, or choose from optional products. Discounts and tax rates can also be applied to any kit created.

Fishbowl contains a Pricing Rule module, that allows users to create multiple pricing levels for each product. Product pricing levels can be set in tiers, with three pricing tiers available. Users can also utilize the Apply Price Adjustment feature, which allows users to choose from a variety of pricing options, including markdown, markup, margin, percent, and fixed price, with users able to enter a percentage or flat rate against each pricing option.

Fishbowl supports a variety of inventory valuation methods including LIFO, FIFO, Average, and Standard Costing.

Fishbowl offers an excellent selection of inventory and manufacturing reports, offering over 150 standard reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports or access and purchase additional reports from the Fishbowl Store. Inventory reports available include Asset Valuation by Account, Inventory Availability, Inventory Variance, Reorder Report, and Historical Part Cost. Various reports are also available for manufacturing and parts including a Part Activity Report, and Part Average Cost. Sales, Purchase Order, Shipping and Vendor reports are available in Fishbowl as well. Users can also create scheduled reports that can run when desired. All Fishbowl reports can be printed, emailed from the print window, saved as a Microsoft Word or Excel file, saved as an HTML file or PDF, or exported as a CSV file.

Along with inventory and manufacturing capabilities, Fishbowl also offers a variety of add-on modules to increase efficiency, including Fishbowl Time & Labor, Fishbowl for Salesforce, and Fishbowl Commerce. Fishbowl seamlessly integrates with both QuickBooks and Xero accounting, with users able to set up integrations during product installation. Fishbowl also integrates with shipping provides such as Fed Ex. DHL, USPS, and UPS, and also offers integration with over 70 shopping cart platforms.

Fishbowl offers excellent help functionality, with users able to access a very robust built-in help system from any screen in the application. A series of training videos are also available, and users can quickly access the Getting Started instructions as well as a complete manual directly from the help center. Toll free product support is available, or users can access support via email or chat as well.   For those that need additional training, an onsite training option is available as well.

Fishbowl Warehouse is a scalable application that is well suited for retailers and manufacturers alike. Offering both QuickBooks and Xero integration, the product offers a variety of tools and apps for users to choose from. Fishbowl Warehouse starts at $4,395 for a single user, with pricing based on the number of system users. Training videos and unlimited telephone support are included in the pricing.

2017 Rating – 5 Stars