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2017 Review of Asset Panda

A complete platform to manage assets, Asset Panda also offers users maintenance tracking, purchase order tracking, help desk ticketing, facilities management, and work order management, creating an all-in-one solution.

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Asset Panda

Asset Panda is an online asset tracking and management application that is well suited for businesses of all sizes. Not suitable for retailers, Asset Panda handles all asset tracking and management, and offers basic inventory tracking as well, working well for service businesses, as well as those needing to track internal inventory. Along with online access, Asset Panda can be used with all iPhone, iPad and Android compatible devices. The mobile app is particularly useful, offering complete integration with web program, as well as the ability to check assets in and out, add assets, and scan barcodes from any location.

From the 2017 review of Inventory Management systems.

A complete platform to manage assets, Asset Panda also offers users maintenance tracking, purchase order tracking, help desk ticketing, facilities management, and work order management, creating an all-in-one solution.

Users can add new assets and inventory from the New Assets screen, which provides detail on everything from place of purchase to replacement cost. Asset Panda also tracks service and maintenance schedules, with users able to enter the next service date when entering the asset itself. There is also the option to track warranty information, including warranty expiration, and whether the asset is depreciable or not. Asset Panda also tracks assets and inventory by serial number, brand or model number.

Asset Panda can scan a variety of barcode types including QR Codes, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, Code 128, and others. Users can generate barcodes at no additional cost using the Barcode Generator, which is included in the product. Users simply create a barcode template, with the ability to create barcodes compliant with Avery labels. Users can also create QR codes using the template as well. Once the codes are created, users can simply choose how many they wish to print, download the barcodes in a PDF, and then print. The program is also compliant with Zebra printers.

Asset Panda users can also add an image to any asset or inventory item, and can also add related documents and notes such as warranty information, service schedules, and even purchase orders and invoices.

Asset Panda offers product kitting and other inventory build options that allow linking of several different assets into a single inventory item. Inventory modules allow adding/removing items, with as much detail as needed for items and vendors. The system also allows searching by kit. Multiple pricing levels, multiple valuation methods, and volume pricing and discounts are not currently supported in Asset Panda.

Asset Panda offers solid reporting options, mainly for asset tracking and management, including Asset Listing, Asset by Location, a Funding Report, Assets by Status, and Assets by Employee. report options though most are for asset tracking and management.   Also available is a Check-Out Report and an Change Report. All reports can be previewed on screen, edited as needed, deleted, automated, or processed as a summary report. All Asset Panda reports are produced as a PDF for easy saving, or users can export reports as a CSV file. Reports can be generated from a mobile device as well.

Asset Panda offers easy data import and export capability, with able to import asset data from a variety of applications that support a CSV format. The product also offers easy integration with Microsoft Active Directory, G Suite, Freshservice, Connectwise, Zen Desk and Okta. Integrations with other applications such as Zapier, Lastpass, QuickBooks, Viewpoint, and Salesforce are coming soon.

Asset Panda offers excellent help and support functionality available directly from the application, including a comprehensive Knowledgebase, a variety of Getting Started videos including a system overview, configuring groups and fields, adding a new asset, group actions and group notifications. Video tutorials are also available, and users can easily contact support via email from the Asset Panda website, or by using their toll-free telephone number.

While not a traditional inventory tracking and management solution, Asset Panda offers comprehensive asset tracking capability. Subscription options for Asset Panda start at $500 per year, with pricing based on the number of assets that need to be tracked, not the number of system users. Ideal for service businesses that need to track and manage a high number of assets and internal inventory, Asset Panda also offers a free-14-day trial that can be downloaded from the Asset Panda website after registration.

2017 Rating – 4.5 Stars