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2017 Review of AddSum Advanced Accounting Point-of-Sale

Advanced Accounting, from AddSum is a completely integrated front/back office accounting application that is designed for retailers of all types. AddSum contains a strong point of sale module, along with many supporting modules, and is best suited for ...


AddSum Advanced Accounting – Point of Sale

Advanced Accounting, from AddSum is a completely integrated front/back office accounting application that is designed for retailers of all types. AddSum contains a strong point of sale module, along with many supporting modules, and is best suited for small to mid-sized retailers that do not require touch screen technology.

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

AddSum contains 12 modules which include GL, AP, AR, Sales Order, Quotes/Contracts, Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Job Cost, Bill of Materials, Payroll, Systems Maintenance, and Utilities. The product is designed to be installed on a local computer. Purchasing the multi-user version of the product allows users to add system users at no additional cost.

AddSum’s user interface can be easily customized to suit the needs of the user, and also offers product source code for those that desire more comprehensive customization capability.

AddSum allows users to quickly process sales transactions, with users able to quickly access a list of all products that are sold, then click on the product, add a quantity, and process the sale. Entry screens can be customized for each user, with each user only having access to the system functions that they are allowed to perform. Lookup options are available in AddSum, and the entry screen offers quick access to related point of sale functions such as change quantities, update pricing, adding a discount, or adding a message. The product easily handles multiple tender types that can be customized by the user and include cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, in-house charge cards, and layaway.

Users can easily process a variety of transaction types directly from the point of sale interface, including cash sales, customer sales, refunds, quotes, layaways, and discounts, as well as on-the-fly product and pricing entry when necessary.

AddSum easily handles multiple registers and locations, with users able to purchase a single-user system and add additional registers and locations as needed. The product does not support touch screen monitors.

AddSum offers customer tracking capability, with users able to manage all related customer data, while adding information such as credit limits, customer discounts, and historical sales for each customer. The product does not currently support gift and loyalty tracking. No true customer demographic tracking or management is available in the product.

AddSum offers decent reporting options, including point of sale reports such as sales reports, layaway transactions and a register reconciliation report. The product also offers a good selection of inventory and general accounting reports. Report customization is limited in AddSum, but the product does offer seamless integration with Crystal Reports for those that wish to create more custom reports. All AddSum reports can be exported to a variety of formats, including HTML and Excel, as well as saved as a PDF.

AddSum’s Inventory Management module offers multi-location inventory management capability, with users able to easily track inventory levels at all locations. Other options include the ability to apply discounts to inventory items. Users can also assign markup percentages or a flat rate discount to any inventory item.   Mentioned earlier, AddSum also offers a good selection of inventory related reports.

AddSum integrates with common hardware peripherals including cash drawers, serial and parallel drawers, bar code scanners, bar code printers, magnetic card readers, and receipt printers. The product also offers an add-on module for integrated UPS/FedEx shipping, as well as a credit card processing module.

Designed for small to mid-sized brick and mortar retailers, AddSum does not currently offer integration with any e-Commerce or shopping card platforms at this time.

Help options are found throughout AddSum for users to reference at any time. A user manual is available for download when purchasing the product, though users will have to pay for a hardcopy of the manual. Prior to purchasing, users can download the sample database to try out the product if desired. All new AddSum users are offered the option to ask six support questions at no additional charge within six months of purchase. Additional support can be purchased in 15 minute increments, with 15, 60, 90, and 180 increments available for purchase. Support is available during extended business hours which are Monday – Friday from 9AM to 8PM MST. Support outside this timeframe is by appointment only. Support can also be accessed via email.

AddSum from Advanced Accounting is best suited for smaller retailers that are looking for complete front/back office functionality. AddSum will run $299.00 for a single user and $899.00 for unlimited users, with support extra.

2017 Rating – 4 Stars