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Garrett Wagner, CPA.CITP – 2017 40 Under 40 Honoree

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Garrett Wagner, CPA.CITP

Age: 36
Employer: Thaney & Associates
Title: Business Therapist
City/State: Rochester, NY
Twitter: garrettwagner37
Professional Associations/Memberships:

AICPA member

New York State Society of CPAs Member

President of the Rochester Chapter of the New York State Society of CPAs NextGen committee

I strive to create lasting change and real impact with the three main stakeholders that I regularly interact with.  First, with the firm’s clients, providing them advice and support to grow and reach their dreams.  Second, the firm, helping the firm grow and evolve into a future ready firm that is forward thinking.  Third, providing growth and development to the amazing people I have had the privilege of working with.

As a CPA I have no greater honor than hearing from a client that I made a difference in their life and not just that I prepared their tax return on time.

Two of the proudest moments in my career were when I was nominated and accepted into the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting emerging leader program and speaking at the Rainmaker SuperConference in 2017.   

Millennials in our profession and the world need to be understood, encouraged, and supported as they grow and find their place in the world.  They need to find their own path and be provided the skills and tools to break free from the box they have been placed in.  My calling has been to work with an amazing group of people to help millennials take control of their career and become the world changing entrepreneurs they want to be.  I also started a live seminar called the millennial summit which focuses on helping other generations understand the millennial mindset.

Favorite influencer(s) (authors, bloggers, mentors, speakers, etc.)

Darren Root

When I first started in this profession, I was surprised by what I saw and the mindset partners had, they just didn’t make sense to me.  Darren was the first person I ever heard speak in the profession who resonated with me and made me want to be a different kind of CPA.  He showed me that we can do more than follow and that we must create new paths that make the future a better place.

John Garrett

“Recovering CPA” John Garrett talks with rock star professionals who stand out at work by focusing on being different in order to get ahead. John’s passion for people brings a much-needed change to our profession and he has one of the best podcasts around. 




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