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Samantha Mansfield – 2017 20 Under 40 Honoree

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Samantha Mansfield

Age: 39


Title: Director of Professional Development & Community

City/State: Dexter, MI


Twitter: @SnMansfield


In 2000, my career started in sales with an emphasis on moving practitioners from DOS based accounting platforms to Windows. Even during that time, I was discussing the concepts of going paperless and using portals. I quickly found I enjoyed helping firms explore the options in technology and how to adjust their processes to effectively use it, so I moved into a sales engineer role and then to consultant. Now I’m with, technology subsidiary of the AICPA, and get to focus my time on designing and teaching educational sessions for accounting professionals on the implications of technology and building future relevant practices.


Teaching and sharing information to help others develop and grow is my passion. Through my career all my positions have involved some level of educating peers and clients, be it formally or informally. Through my hobby I teach children and adults about American history; being a firm believer, we need to know our history to learn from it and not repeat it. I have been blessed with strong mentors and leadership training, so I serve as a mentor in personal and professional relationships.


Favorite influencer(s) (authors, bloggers, mentors, speakers, etc.)


Over the course of my 17 years in tax and accounting I have had a tremendous opportunity to work with a wide range of professionals. A couple that have had a significant impact on me:

Jen Wilson always has insightful suggestions for effective leadership, operations and person development. Blog

Greg LaFollette has been in the profession for decades and is willing to share his perspectives. He is a student of technology and always has some new tool to talk about. Expanding Your App-titude Column






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