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Pushkar Bhoopalam, B.E., MBA – 2017 20 Under 40 Honoree

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Pushkar Bhoopalam, B.E., MBA

Age: 35

Employer: Thomson Reuters

Title: Sr. Director, Tax Practitioners Segment

City/State: New York, NY


Twitter: N/A

I’ve built my career developing innovative solutions to improve the life of CPA professionals. One of the first initiatives I led was the development of an editorially curated news solution relevant to practitioner provided services. This streamlined workflow and ensured practitioners were well informed before speaking to clients.


Thus far, my proudest achievement was leading the development of a social media marketing solution. In other industries, marketing was witnessing innovative solutions driving exponential growth, but the CPA industry was lagging due to lack of a compelling solution. Additionally, CPA firms needed to up the marketing game to replace their ageing rainmakers. I led the launch of a suite of social media marketing products, which has helped CPA firms improve visibility online and secure scores of new clients. This solution not only proved to be massively profitable for my company, but it also helped Thomson Reuters sweep numerous business awards.


I am very passionate about improving lives for two neglected segments of the society – underprivileged children and abandoned elderly. My empathy began as a teenager. To fulfil the need of infant immunization, I hosted fundraisers and staged street plays in urban slums. I pride myself on still contributing to improve underprivileged children’s life quality. Currently, I’m working towards my dream of creating, funding, and operating a new age home that brings together abandoned children and the elderly. The idea is to create an environment that fosters a symbiotic relationship between these two segments where they mutually care for one another.

Favorite influencer(s) (authors, bloggers, mentors, speakers, etc.) :

My father. He came from very humble beginnings where he put himself through school (elementary to law school), established one of India’s most successful and recognized Labor Law firms, and a board member of some of India’s most prestigious public companies. He has taught me grit, perseverance and how to pursue my passions throughout life. Outside of my family, I admire Bill Gates. His success in the business world and his passion for philanthropy is inspiring and proves that both of these aspects need not be mutually exclusive.




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