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Dustin Hostetler – 2017 20 Under 40 Honoree

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Dustin Hostetler –  Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Age: 37

Employer:  Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Title:  Shareholder, Chief Innovation Officer

City/State:  Wooster, OH


Twitter:  @flowtivity

 After graduating from Ohio State with a degree in Finance, I began my professional career at Cardinal Health. I had the great fortune to be part of their financial leadership development program and rotated through several different accounting and finance roles my first two years before settling into a Senior Analyst role at corporate. From there, I joined a regional CPA firm in Ohio and lead the development of a value added services niche which is where I first experimented with the ideas of Lean Six Sigma inside a CPA firm. It went so well internally that by 2008 I was being asked by other CPA firms to come and do it for them. In 2011, I left to settle my entrepreneurial itch and created a company called Flowtivity. I was very much committed to the accounting profession and continued training and consulting in the areas of lean and strategic initiatives for CPA firms. And in January 2015 I merged Flowtivity into Boomer Consulting – taking on the role of Chief Innovation Officer along with continuing to drive our Lean Six Sigma service line. During this time span serving the accounting profession, I have worked with close to 200 CPA firms on process transformation, including 41 of the top 100 firms.

My passion and what drives me day-in and day-out is to make the experiences more rewarding in public accounting – for the staff, for the firms and for the clients of the firms. This is my purpose and big picture “why”. I believe accountants make a tremendous difference in the organizations they are connected to – my role is to reduce and remove their constraints so they can maximize that difference-making potential and create greater opportunities in their organizations and communities.


Favorite influencer(s) (authors, bloggers, mentors, speakers, etc.)

 Patrick Lencioni

Jason Fried  (@jasonfried)

Joey Havens (

Dan Burris (

Simon Sinek (





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