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David Gosselin, CPA – 2017 40 Under 40 Honoree

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David Gosselin, CPA

Age:  35
Employer: dbbmckennon
Title: Partner
City/State: Long Beach, CA

David has pioneered Equity Crowdfunding for the CPA industry.  After passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, David sought out to become the national CPA expert and thought-leader in equity crowdfunding for the newly created Regulation A+ and Regulation Crowdfunding mechanisms whereby emerging businesses could sell their equity, debt, or other security to the everyday person (“the crowd”) rather than just the richest few percent of Americans. These funding mechanisms changed 80 years of existing securities laws.  Now David’s firm is the leading PCAOB registered firm in the country providing services for companies using these funding mechanisms and has been a part of more issuer campaigns to date than almost every other PCAOB firm combined. In addition, David authored a book on effective workpaper techniques and lectures on the contents of that book for continuing education for the CalCPA Education Foundation.

In 2010, I Co-founded The Elite OC, Young Professionals Society, a non-profit business league which over the years, has become the largest, most influential young professional group in Orange Country. To date, the group has donated tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of tangible goods to dozens of local charities; and has granted six wishes to children of the Make-a-Wish Foundation through the donation of $30,000.  For many years, prior to having kids of my own, I coached Little League baseball for the 15-16 year old division at our local park, passing along both baseball and life skills.

Favorite influencer(s) (authors, bloggers, mentors, speakers, etc.)

I’ve worked with my Partners, Russ Boyer and Mike McKennon for 13 years. They are great CPA’s but more importantly, they taught me about work life balance for when I started my own family. Professionally, I’ve been influenced by Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk titled Your body language may shape who you are, where she redefined the mantra of “fake it ‘til you make it”, to “fake it ‘til you become it”. In the early stages of equity crowdfunding, nobody was an expert because it was all new. So, I had to fake being the expert until I became the expert.


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