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2017 Review of Tangicloud for Nonprofits and Government

As the leading NAV pioneers since 1999, Tangicloud uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its ERP system in its new product which was launched in July 2016. Tangicloud Technologies utilizes the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform in Tangicloud, a fund ...

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Tangicloud for Nonprofits & Government

Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.


From the July 2017 Reviews of Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Systems.

As the leading NAV pioneers since 1999, Tangicloud uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its ERP system in its new product which was launched in July 2016. Tangicloud Technologies utilizes the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform in Tangicloud, a fund accounting suite of applications. Server options include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, or Microsoft SQL Server, which is used for both cloud or on-premise deployment. Users can use popular web browsers and also opt to connect to the application using Windows 10, Windows Mobile, or by using iOS or Android devices.

Tangicloud is complete fund accounting, and offers an extensive selection of modules to choose from. Completely cloud accessible, Tangicloud offers a fully customizable chart of accounts that supports multiple dimensions, enabling users to track multiple funds easily. As a full suite of modules, Tangicloud easily supports multiple transaction types including fixed asset management, vendor management including both vendor requisitions and purchase orders, customer management including invoicing, monthly statement generation, and automatic bill reminders to past due customers. Tangicloud also offers easily online bank reconciliation capability, as well as the ability to handle an unlimited number of funds including restricted, temporarily restricted or unrestricted funds as needed.

The Budget Planning and Control module allows users to create new budgets easily, with the ability to customize the format to suit the needs of the organization. Because the product is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, users can easily import or export budget details to Microsoft Excel. Users can create budgets for each fund or grant in the application, and track both revenues and expenditures in real time. Budget to Actual amounts can be tracked with up to eight dimensions tracked in the budget.

The Contacts option offers good donor management capability, with users able to track any incoming donations as well as whether they need to be restricted to a particular fund or program. The module also serves as a CRM of sorts, so fundraisers can track past donations and work to cultivate for historic donors as well as new prospects. Tangicloud also offers a Grant Management module that allows nonprofits to easily track the entire grant cycle from initial proposal to awards, any sub-awards, and subsequent contracts. The Grants Made option tracks any grants made by the organization, and Grant Projects, where any projects that are directly funded by grants received can be tracked in the system.

Tangicloud’s Enhanced Allocations module allows users to track both direct and indirect allocations across multiple funds and dimensions. Allocations can use either fixed percentage or derived percentage, with users able to enter relevant fund, program, or grant code as needed.

Tangicloud offers automated due to/from capability to ensure that all funds and accounts are in balance at all times. System security is multi-level, with new users added by filling out a New User card. Each user can be assigned individual permission sets, or can be added to an existing group that shares the same user permission levels.

Tangicloud contains a variety of standard reports that are found in each of the menu options available. Nonprofit specific reports such as Statement of Activities, Account Schedule by Dimension, and Cash Statement of Functional Expenses, as well as standard financial reports such as Trial Balance and GL Register. A variety of grant and job related reports are also available for users. Tangicloud also offers a Microsoft Excel Report Writer for users to easily customize reports. All reports are easily printed, exported to Microsoft Word and Excel or saved as a PDF.

Tangicloud is a completely integrated system, with each edition of the product offering an increasing number of modules. All versions include Allocations, Audit Trail, Budgets, GL, Contacts w/Donation Management, Funds, Vendors, Reports, and others. Additional modules such as Endowments, Expense Reports, Grants, and Timesheets are available in the more robust version of the product. Built using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the product offers excellent integration with Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel, as well as Microsoft 365.

Users can obtain help options directly from the user interface screen, including a comprehensive getting started guide that can assist with product installation (if necessary) as well as detailed information on each module. Those interested in the product should contact Tangicloud for additional information on support options.

Tangicloud is a scalable fund accounting solution well suited for mid-sized to larger nonprofit organizations. Available in three editions; Essentials is $199.00 per month and is best suited for nonprofits looking to move to a more robust fund management solutions. The Select option is $299.00 per month, and offers all of the features in Essentials, as well as the option to add up to four optional modules. The Enterprise edition is $399.00 per month and includes all modules. Additional Full and Limited users can also be added for a monthly fee.

2017 Rating: 5 Stars