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2017 Review of AccuFund for Nonprofits

AccuFund for Nonprofits is well suited for the mid-sized nonprofit organization or government entity. Scalable, AccuFund offers a variety of deployment options that can suit just about any user’s needs, including a traditional desktop installation, an ...

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AccuFund for Nonprofits


From the July 2017 Reviews of Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Systems.

AccuFund for Nonprofits is well suited for the mid-sized nonprofit organization or government entity. Scalable, AccuFund offers a variety of deployment options that can suit just about any user’s needs, including a traditional desktop installation, an online product, and two cloud-based versions of the product; Anywhere, designed for smaller nonprofits, and Anywhere Complete, which offer complete product functionality.

AccuFund offers a comprehensive GL structure, with a 255 character alpha-numeric structure that is completely customizable. The structure supports up to 99 segments within the 255 characters, with users able to create segments of any length when setting up the application. Users can also opt to use the default chart of accounts if desired.

AccuFund easily handles multiple transaction types, including grant and project budget entries, budget revisions, allocations, encumbrances, memo entries and closing entries.

AccuFund can easily handle multiple budget types, including financial, grant and project budget. An optional Budget Development module is also available, which allows users to create a budget at any level, and also offers the ability to create multiple budgets to track a variety of sources if needed, making it easy for managers to create their own budget when needed.

For organizations that need to manage fundraising efforts, AccuFund CRM for Salesforce, which handles donor and relationship tracking, donation tracking, annual campaigns, and pledges, among other things. An optional Grants Management module offers users an easy way to handle all grant activity, including application history, reporting status, and grant activity tracking. An optional Allocations module is also available that supports both amount-based and rate-based allocations, making it easy to account for indirect costs and fringe benefits rates. Automated Due To/From capability helps to ensure that all accounts remain in balance. Multi-level system security is available, with employee access levels set by system function, so users will only have access to information relevant to their position.

A Financial Report Writer option is included in the core system of AccuFund. A number of sample reports are included in the report writer option that can be easily customized as needed, or users can simply create a new report from scratch. Report templates are available for a variety of report types including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet by Fund, Combining Balance Sheet, Revenue and Expenses, and Statement of Cash Flows, along with several others. A Report/Forms Designer is also available, making it easy to customize an existing report template, or simply create a new report. Additional reporting options are also available in the Grants Management module. All reports created in AccuFund can be viewed on screen, printed, emailed directly to recipients, exported to Excel or as a CSV file, or saved as an HTML file or PDF.

AccuFund is a modular system, with all modules working together seamlessly. Users can purchase the core system, which includes GL, Budgeting, Financial Reporting, AP, Cash Receipts, Bank Reconciliation, Forms/Report Generator, and Dashboard modules and add optional modules such as AR, Budget Development, Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Portal, Grants Management, Allocation Management, along with several others, as needed. AccuFund offers complete integration with Salesforce, and users can also import data from other applications using the import wizard included in the product.

AccuFund offers system users a variety of help options including a variety of system wizards, webinars, on-site training, train the trainer training, and a variety of product videos designed to provide a system overview. AccuFund does recommend some product training for new users, with most on-site training and system setup handled by AccuFund resellers, who can also handle support issues as well. An annual support and maintenance contract is also available, which provides toll-free telephone support, software maintenance and enhancements, and any product updates. The support contract is 25% of the cost of the software.

AccuFund is an excellent option for the mid-sized nonprofit organization that is looking for a product that can grow along with their organization. Conveniently, both on premise and cloud-based versions of the product are available, and AccuFund Anywhere is a good solution for the smaller nonprofit that is looking to move away from off-the-shelf software to a more robust system. Users can initially purchase the core modules and add additional modules as needed. AccuFund pricing varies, depending on the deployment method, modules purchased, and number of users, with all pricing available upon request from AccuFund or users can purchase the product directly from an area reseller.  

2017 Overall Rating: 5 Stars