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2017 Review of Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila MIP™ offers a flexible, segmented chart of accounts structure, with users able to configure segments to best suit their needs. Abila support personnel work with all new users to create the custom design during product implementation. With up to 25 s

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MIP Fund Accounting

From the July 2017 Reviews of Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Systems.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting is best suited for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations as well as government agencies that actively manage multiple funds.  

Cloud-based, MIP Fund Accounting is hosted on Abila’s secure cloud. A mobile app is also available, so users can access the system from a smart phone or tablet. A locally installed version of the product is also available for those that prefer.

The latest version of MIP Fund Accounting offers numerous software enhancements, including performance improvements in the application, as well as improved email reporting capability.

Abila MIP offers a flexible, segmented chart of accounts structure, with users able to configure segments to best suit their needs. Abila support personnel work with all new users to create the custom design during product implementation. With up to 25 separate modules to choose from, Abila MIP easily handles a multiple of transaction types, including regular and recurring journal entries, bank reconciliations, cash receipts and disbursements, allocations, encumbrances, both purchase orders and order entry transactions.

Budgeting capabilities are flexible in MIP Fund Accounting, with users able to create multiple budgets or any time frame. Budgets can also cross fiscal years, and users can implement the budget control function, where users are given a warning when a budget is close to exceeding. A What-If scenario is also available, so users can enter various data to create a variety of budgets before implementing the one best suited to their needs. And the budget view feature allows users to see how every transaction entered into the system will affect their current budget.

Abila offers a variety of add-on modules and integrations that provide comprehensive fundraising and donor management capability, including Fundraising 50, which is designed to help manage both donor cultivation and retention, while also tracking giving patterns. Abila Fundraising Online is designed for nonprofits that wish to implement a variety of online giving platforms, manage event registrations, and even offer peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities. The optional Grant Management module offers a way to manage all projects, programs and grants, while providing grant reporting and oversight capability as well. An optional Allocations module is available to track all necessary allocations, and automatic fund balancing is available to keep funds balanced at all times.

MIP Fund Accounting offers excellent system security for organizations with multiple users, with administrators able to restrict access to sensitive information if necessary.

MIP Fund Accounting offers a solid selection of preconfigured reports that uses can quickly access. The product also contains a built-in reporting tool that allows users to easily create custom reports as well as customize existing reports. Reports can be easily created across fiscal years, and non-profit and government specific reports are easily created as well. The Accounts Receivable Reporting module offers additional reporting options, as do add-on modules such as the Grant Management module, Allocations Management module and GASB Reporting offer additional reporting capability. All reports created can be displayed on screen, printed, emailed directly to recipients, exported to both Microsoft Excel and Word, as a CSV file, or saved as an HTML file or PDF.

As a modular system, all MIP Fund Accounting modules work together seamlessly. The Core modules in the product include GL, AP, Accounts Receivable Reporting, Bank Reconciliation, Budget, Date Import/Export, and Forms Designer. Other modules include Payroll, Direct Deposit, HR, Electronic Requisitions, Encumbrances, Fixed Assets, Allocations Management, GASB Reporting, Data Consolidation, and others. There are also a variety of fundraising and donor add-on modules available.   The optional Data Import/Export module offers an easy way to import or export data from a variety of third-party applications, and the Abila Marketplace offers links to a variety of applications that are designed to integrate with Abila products.

The Abila website offers easy access to a variety of help and support tools, including the Abila Support Center, where users can access support chat, submit support requests and view any existing support cases. Other resources available from the Support Center include Abila Community and Abila University, which offers a variety of classes that users can register for. A comprehensive knowledgebase is also available, which users able to enter a search term or browse the knowledgebase by product. All initial product setup and implementation is handled by Abila support personnel.

MIP Fund Accounting from Abila is an excellent solution for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations and government entities. Standard and Pro Plans, all for single-users, are also available with pricing up to $399 per month, with additional modules included. Silver, Gold and Platinum Plan are available for up to 5 users, with a variety of modules included for each option, with prices ranging from $599 per month up to $1,099 per month. All prices include on-demand support and software updates.


2017 Rating: 5 Stars