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3 Day Live Enrolled Agent Exam Prep Course to be Held in Reno, Nevada

The National Society of Accountants (NSA) is offering an in-person Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course August 20-22, 2017, at the Nugget Casino Resort in Reno, NV, immediately before the NSA Annual Meeting and Expo at the same location.

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Passing the Enrolled Agent (EA) exam is not easy – it’s a demanding test that requires extensive knowledge. So the National Society of Accountants (NSA) is offering an in-person Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course August 20-22, 2017, at the Nugget Casino Resort in Reno, NV, immediately before the NSA Annual Meeting and Expo at the same location.

“There aren’t many opportunities to attend an in-person EA training course, but ours is one of them,” says NSA Executive Vice President John Ams. “Best of all, the tax professionals who take our course usually pass the exams on the first try and are thankful they took the course. It’s a big win for them.”
Here is what a few successful attendees said about the course, which included high praise for the two expert instructors, John O. Everett, CPA, and Bill Duncan, CPA, Ph.D.:

“I have taken and passed all three parts and filed form 23! Thank you John and Bill for teaching an outstanding EA Exam Course. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

“The NSA EA prep course is awesome! John Everett and Bill Duncan are FANTASTIC! I could not have done it without the great study material and their support and encouragement even after the class was over!”

“I would not have had the motivation to get it done if it hadn’t been for the class. Thank you so much, John and Bill, for the great instruction.”

“Thank you John and Bill for all of your encouragement and GREAT study guides! This review course was fantastic and I passed Part 1 on the first try.”

The NSA EA Exam Review course is offered in three parts and includes 24 hours of in-depth review on the following dates and times:

  • Sunday, August 20: Part 1: Individuals
  • Monday, August 21: Part 2: Businesses
  • Tuesday, August 22: Part 2 continued (morning). Part 3 (afternoon): Representation, Practices and Procedures.

The course is taught by two leading experts:

  • John O. Everett, CPA, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Accounting at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He is the author of the highly rated NSA EA self-study course and his teaching specialty is federal taxation. Everett has authored or co-authored over 90 articles in academic and professional journals and is the coauthor of several textbooks, including CCH Practical Guide to Schedule M-3 Compliance, The HBJ Federal Tax Course, Income Tax Fundamentals, and Tax Planning with the Computer.
  • Bill Duncan, CPA, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Accounting at Arizona State University. He was formerly a Director with Ernst & Young where he guided tax education for the firm. Duncan is the author or co-author of three textbooks and has published a number of articles on a variety of tax topics in publications including Taxes, The CPA Journal, and The Journal of the American Taxation Association. He has taught in the AICPA National Tax Education program for over 20 years.

Detailed study notes will be provided for each topic, including figures and charts that prove the adage, “. . . a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Hundreds of exam questions are incorporated into the study notes and each is reviewed in class so the real exam itself will look like an old friend. Study tips, tricks and shortcuts are a staple of this course.
Participants will also receive:

  • The 3-Volume NSA Enrolled Agent Review Course in online and PDF format.
  • Detailed handouts, notes, examples, illustrations to follow the course step-by-step.
  • 18 (6 per part) detailed study lessons and review questions to help you master each section of the materials.
  • Proven exam taking tips, tricks and strategy guides with tips for passing each part of the exam.
  • Top 150 questions per part—essential questions on topics that you will absolutely need to master.
  • Interactive online review and practice questions with explanations and analysis.
  • Final Review Cards—super summaries for each part of the exam—the perfect last-minute memory-jogger to review immediately before the exam.
  • Weekly study guide with detailed assignments and time allocations.
  • Comprehensive study aids that summarize the tax law related to a particular subject. These aids should prove valuable in last-minute reviews prior to the exam.
  • Access to an online EA study community to post your questions and comments, respond to other commenters, and interact with the presenters. Get access to even more sample questions and study tips.
  • A complete sample EA exam to help students gauge their progress prior to taking the exam.

Day 1 – Individuals (Sunday, August 20) is also a review course for those interested in becoming an Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP). The ATP credential, offered by the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation, has exempt status for the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) and ATPs do not have to take the required Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course as part of the AFSP. For those interested in earning the ATP credential, they can take Day 1 of the review course and take the ATP exam on Monday, August 21 in Reno.

Those taking the ATP course package will also receive an extra hour of review on ethics on August 20 and the ATP self-study preparatory course materials.
The fees for the EA courses are:

  • Complete course (all three parts): $699 for NSA members and $775 for nonmembers
  • Part 1: $275 for NSA members and $325 for nonmembers
  • Part 2: $375 for NSA members and $425 for nonmembers
  • Part 3: $200 for NSA members and $250 for nonmembers

The fee for the ATP course (Part 1 noted above) is $275 for NSA members and $325 for nonmembers. The cost to take the exam is an additional $100.

The courses are approved for continuing professional education (CPE) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT) and California Tax Education Council (CTEC).

For more information and to register, visit or contact NSA at 800-966-6679 or Learn more about NSA at