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2017 Review of Sage 50c Accounting – Accounts Receivable Functions


Sage 50c

From the 2017 Reviews of Accounts Receivable Systems.

Sage 50c Accounting from Sage Software is a hybrid desktop/cloud accounting software product that combines the convenience of a cloud based product with a desktop installation. Designed for small businesses, Sage 50c is currently available in three versions; Sage 50c Pro, Sage 50c Premium, and Sage 50c Quantum, which can handle up to 40 system users. A complete financial application, Sage 50c offers standard accounting functionality in all standard areas including AP (Vendors and Purchases), AR, (Customers and Sales), Banking, Inventory, and Jobs.

Sage 50c offers complete AR functionality, with users able to track customer information, including both payment and order history, as well as detail such as last invoice date, last invoice amount, last payment date, and last statement date. Credit information, such as terms and credit can be customized for each customer, and a credit limit can be assigned, as well as the ability to determine discount levels, if any.

Users can easily view a complete customer list, with the ability to view specific details about each customer, including invoices, sales orders and quotes, and all money received. Aside from standard tracking fields such as address, telephone, and email information, there are also three user-defined fields, where users can track additional data on each customer if desired.

Finance charges can be calculated as needed, and users can accept a variety of payment types, including the option to enter and process credit card payments directly in the Receive Money user interface. ACH payments can be accepted as well. Users can easily apply payments to multiple invoices in Sage 50c, with the system automatically applying payments to an individual invoice if paid in full, or by open invoice. Users can override this feature by simply clicking on the pay option next to each invoice that they wish to apply funds to. Any overpayments are automatically added to the customer’s account, with the user to easily create a credit memo that can be utilized for a specific invoice, or for a general credit on a customer’s account. Users can also accept cash payments from customers who are not currently in the system database. A mobile option for accepting payments from mobile devices is also available

Users can easily print customer statements at any time, choosing the criteria they wish to include on the statement, including personalized messages, dunning messages, finance charges, if applicable, and type of statement, including zero and credit balance statements, as well as balance forward statements.

Sage 50c offers solid system security options, with multi-level security available. Audit trail functionality if included in the product, with information such as system date, time, system user, transaction I.D., and amount easily tracked in the audit trail report.

QuickBooks Online offers a series of accounts receivable reports which include an invoice list, a collections reports, a statement list, and balance detail. Also available is both an AR aging summary report and an AR detail report. Reports are easily printed, shared with accountants or CPA’s or emailed directly to recipients from the report screen.  

Sage 50c is a completely integrated system, so AR functionality integrates well with other system features. Additional modules available include Payroll, HR, and Fixed Assets. Pricing varies, depending on the version purchased; with prices ranging between $156.00 to $948.00 annually.

Sage 50c Rating – 4.75 Stars