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Rivio Clearinghouse

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RIVIO, a service of in partnership with, is an online financial document clearinghouse that enables private businesses to exchange key financial information with their investors and lenders as well as retrieve information from their CPA firm, ensuring data is submitted from an authenticated source. and are defining the new standard in financial information exchange for private companies with RIVIO. The platform supports greater controls, increases collaboration, and minimizes risk.

It leverages and’s experience and platform. Addionally, RIVIO provides a validation process to verify that CPA firms leveraging the clearinghouse, are appropriately licensed to upload attested financial information. Furthermore, the clearinghouse application is based on the technology behind the award winning platform, used and trusted by more than 13,000 CPA Firms to manage their audit confirmations. The RIVIO system provides this same piece of mind for an array of private financial documents.

RIVIO is a virtual river of intelligent information flow which allows users to share more than just financial statements, through this financial document clearinghouse. The clearinghouse ensures continuous flow of financial documents, similar to how a river is a continuous flow of water.

The name RIVIO is also an acronym for: Repository of Intelligent Validated Inputs and Outputs.

The clearinghouse will truly transform the way in which you exchange financial documents, and enhance the associated processes.