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Earn 1 to 10 Hours of CPE Online This Thursday: Ensuring Success!

Get caught up on your CPE credits for the year, all online, all on one day (Dec. 1), and all from the comfort of your office. Choose from one to ten hours of CPE, take only the courses you want. And it's free! Register today at

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It’s free to attend! Register Now at

Try to imagine your perfect day of continuing education. Here’s mine:

  • World class, cutting-edge speakers delivering insights and concepts designed and guaranteed to help move my business and that of my clients to a level of greater success.
  • The ability to interact with the speakers and ask questions during the session – anonymously so I don’t feel stupid in front of my peers.
  • You choose how many hours of CPE you want (from 1-10 hours) in a variety of fields of study. Attend only the ones you want, and focus on work the rest of the day.
  • No need to drive, fly, get a hotel room, eat mass-prepared food, sit with strangers, dress up.
  • The option to attend from home and wear whatever I want, or a coffee shop, or the beach, or the library, or the gym, or anywhere else I want.
  • The ability to eat whatever food I want during the sessions – even spicy smelly food that normally would offend others who are sitting near me.
  • The ability to attend from my conference room, with my colleagues, and talk about the concepts being presented – out loud! – without worrying about disturbing anyone else.
  • Topics that are necessary and current and not likely to put me to sleep. In fact, topics that I wouldn’t want to miss because they are about ME and MY BUSINESS and MY CLIENTS and I really need to learn these things.
  • Oh – and free would be nice.

Ensuring Success is the CPE conference that achieves all of the above points.

  • December 1, 2016 – 10 hours of live, streaming continuing education, delivered to your computer, your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone. Watch from anywhere.
  • Outstanding speakers, people who often keynote at the large national conferences, all gathered in one television studio spending the day serving up the latest trends and ideas and training that will make your future a better place.
  • Interactability – submit questions, comments, suggestions to the speakers via email and various social media channels throughout the conference. No names will be mentioned on the air.
  • All ten 50-minute sessions qualify for CPE in a variety of fields of study including Accounting & Audit, Taxes, Marketing, Practice Management, and Specialized Knowledge & Applications.
  • Learn about the latest technology trends from our sponsors who will present commercial breaks and who will provide information, links, contact information, and special offers through a digital totebag which will be made available to all registrants after the event.
  • The best information available about how to make your business more successful.


And it’s free! Register today at