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2016 Review of MAG-FILER

MAG-FILER, from Spokane Computer is a product designed to both process and file W-2’s and 1099’s, supporting both paper and electronic filing. A complete system, no additional modules are required in order to run the product.



Spokane Computer

Best Fit: Accounting firms of all sizes looking for a complete W-2 and 1099 processing and filing solution.  

Product Strengths:

  • Product is affordably priced
  • Free training and support is included in the cost of the software
  • Product offers easy system navigation

Potential Limitations:

  • Limited integration with other applications

MAG-FILER, from Spokane Computer is a product designed to both process and file W-2’s and 1099’s, supporting both paper and electronic filing. A complete system, no additional modules are required in order to run the product.

From the 2016 review of W-2 and 1099 preparation and filing systems.

Basic System Functions – 4.75 Stars

MAG-FILER can be set up on a local desktop computer or installed on a network. A demo is available for users to try out prior to purchase and can be downloaded after registering. Users can enter data manually or import both payer and payee information from text files, Excel files, or QuickBooks files. The product easily transfers data from previous years, so information does not need to be re-entered. Each year the product releases an early version of MAG-FILER, enabling users to begin preparing year-end information. Once the final version of the product is available, the information is just transferred over to the final version.
The product offers SSN masking on 1099 forms for additional security, and contains bulk TIN matching capability as well, and supports an unlimited number of payers and data that can be transmitted.

Data entry screens resemble the actual form, so entering data is easily, and the product supports both individual and batch processing of forms. MAG-FILER will print to both blank paper as well as pre-printed forms, and also offers free training and support. MAG-FILER also offers a processing service, available at an additional cost, which will handle all data entry or importing, creating TIN matching files for the IRS, print and mail forms to recipients and e-file forms to the IRS and SSA.  

Reporting – 4.25 Stars

MAG-FILER supports all 1099 forms, along with 1098, 1097, 3921, 3922, 5498, 8935, 1042-S, along with W-2 and W-2G for all 50 states, along with the District of Columbia. The product supports e-filing to both the IRS and SSA, and will e-file 1099’s under the IRS Combined Federal/State program. The product will also file corrected 1099’s, and will also e-file W-2 state information to state that currently accept the SSA EFW2format. Electronic filing is easy, with users entering data in an information window that prepares the files to be submitted. Once the data has been reviewed, and the data ready, the program will link to the chosen website for uploading files.

MAG-FILER includes its own PDF printer, so users can print both forms and reports to PDF files, with users able to choose from five different fields that they wish to display totals for.

Integration/Import/Export – 4.25 Stars

MAG-FILER does not have any additional modules or add-ons needed in order to boost functionality. Data from other applications can be imported into MAG-FILER from Excel, QuickBooks, and other accounting software, with users able to validate all import files for accuracy. MAG-FILER also contains pre-set import formats for other accounting software programs, including QuickBooks.

Help/Support – 4.75 Stars

The MAG-FILER User Manual is available from the support page, and can be downloaded and printed as needed. Users also have access to a number of product tutorials addresses common product functionality. The Quick Start page provides users with detailed instructions on how to file data electronically with the IRS and Social Security Administration. FAQ’s are also available on the support page as well.

Product support is available via telephone, email, or fax, with support included in the price of the product, with support available during regular business hours.    

Summary & System Pricing

MAG-FILER from Spokane Computer is an excellent, all-in-one product that can speed year-end forms processing tremendously. Users can choose to purchase the downloadable version form the Spokane Computer website for $334.00, or opt for a USB Flash Drive version, which is $374.00.   The final 2016 version of MAG-FILER will not be released until December of 2016.

2016 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars