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2016 Review of CYMA Payroll


CYMA Payroll Software

Best Fit: CYMA Payroll is best utilized by mid-sized businesses that process payroll for at least 50 employees. The product works best when integrated with other CYMA Accounting products, although the module can be used as a stand-alone product as well.

Product Strengths:

  • Product integrates with other CYMA modules
  • Offers Employee Self-Service module for remote accessibility
  • Product offers excellent HR functionality
  • Excellent selection of training and help functionality available

Potential Limitations:

  • Product setup can be time-consuming

CYMA Payroll Software is part of CYMA’s modular accounting, payroll, and HR products. Designed to integrate with the core accounting and HR system, CYMA Payroll can also be used as a stand-alone product. Variations of the standard payroll module (reviewed in this issue) are available and include franchise payroll software, payroll service bureau software, staffing payroll software, and healthcare payroll software, as well as Professional Employer Organization payroll.

From the 2016 Review of Professional Payroll Systems.

Basic System Functions: 5 Stars

CYMA Payroll is installed locally on desktop computers and servers, with users given the option to install the product on a hosted cloud environment to enable remote access. CYMA Payroll supports an unlimited number of employees, as well as an unlimited number of earnings types and deductions. The product supports all 50 states, along with Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. A variety of pay options are available, including direct deposit, EFT direct deposit, paper checks, and MICR check processing. Direct deposit supports multiple bank accounts, and the product automatically encrypts social security numbers of added security. A variety of data fields can be tracked and maintained, and users can easily process multiple checks for a single employee. The product also supports multiple pay frequencies including Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually

The void check feature allows users to void a payroll check, which automatically will reverse and GL entry (if using CYMA Accounting) with the ability to easily re-run the check, or process a manual check as a replacement. Global editing capability allows users to easily copy or add a payroll feature to a number of employees as needed.

Reporting & Monitoring: 4.75 Stars

CYMA offers excellent reporting capability, with Employee, Company, Period, and Quarterly Reports available. Available reports include Employee Listing, Employee Earnings & Deductions, Employer Balance Report, Department Listing, along with all standard tax reports including the 940 Quarterly report, 941 Reconciliation Report, and local and state tax reports. CYMA also integrates with Crystal Reports for more in-depth report customization. All system reports can be viewed on screen for review, printed or emailed, saved a document to an employee file, or exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, and XML, as well as saved as a PDF. Users can also create report groups, running the specific group after payroll has been processed.

CYMA processes both 1099’s and W2’s, including electronic filing, and the product offers both e-File and e-Pay capability, and the optional CYMA State Payroll add-on automatically fills state payroll forms.    

Integration/Import & Export: 4.75 Stars

CYMA Payroll is designed to work with other CYMA modules, which include GL, AP, AR, System Manager, Human Resources, and Employee Self-Service. Add-on products designed to work with the payroll module include CYMA State Payroll Forms, which auto-complete quarterly payroll forms, MICR Check Package, and Business Insight. The optional CYMA Electronic Employee Forms add-on application will automatically populate common human resources forms. The product is able to import time data from most time clocks, and users can also import employee time in CSV format. Other third-party applications that integrate with CYMA include BNA Software, Specialized Business Solutions, TimeManagement, and Aatrix, which is the provider of electronically completed state and federal tax forms.

Help & Support: 5 Stars

CYMA offers solid help functionality throughout the product. A very comprehensive website offers detailed information on all product modules available, including an overview, along with benefits and features. Users can also download a 30-day trial from the website as well. CYMA support options include the CYMA Update Center, where users can access all product enhancements and updates, and the CYMA Knowledge Base, which contains a searchable section for product troubleshooting. The CYMA Online Learning Center offers access to webinars, product guides and tutorials, and is available to those with a subscription to the Software Maintenance plan. Technical support is available per-incident, and various support packages are available as well.

Client Self-Service Features: 5 Stars

Though an on-premise product, CYMA offers a web-based application that employees can access. The Employee Self-Service module allows employees to easily access W-2’s and check stubs when desired. A time entry component is also available for employees to enter their time online. All time entered online is approved by a supervisor prior to processing payroll, with supervisors able to approve payroll by period, by day, or using other criteria such as job or department. Employees are also able to view payroll related information such as vacation and sick time accruals, 401k contributions, direct deposit information, and emergency contact information.

Advanced Features: 5 Stars

CYMA Payroll contains Certified Labor Hourly Rate logic that is employed when users save or post a certified payroll. The product supports tax calculations for all 50 states as well as Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. An optional Human Resources module is available in CYMA that can handle complete benefit administration, track benefit costs, track and manage ACA requirements, monitor employee certifications and manage all OSHA injury and illness reporting. The product will also track local tax and union dues, and manages employee union affiliation.

Summary & Pricing

CYMA Payroll is an excellent product for businesses that pay more than 50 employees. An in-house product, CYMA also offers accessibility to payroll data including time data entry as well as access to payroll related forms such as pay stubs, W-2’s, and other personal information. Potential users can download a 30-day demo to review prior to purchasing. Pricing is available upon request, which can be completed from the CYMA website.

All add-on modules support, and software maintenance plans are available at an additional cost.

2016 Overall Rating: 5 Stars