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2016 Review of Crest Payroll

Crest Payroll offers solid payroll processing options to accounting firms, with the product supporting unlimited clients and unlimited employees.


Crest Payroll

Paramount Software Solutions, Inc.

Best Fit: Crest Payroll is designed for professional accountants and payroll service providers.  Another product, BusinessPay is also available for Accountants to refer small and mid-sized businesses that wish to process payroll in-house while they get recurring revenue for unmanaged referral clients.

Product Strengths:

  • Product offers complete anywhere accessibility online
  • Works with both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones
  • Offers solid HR capability
  • Client and employee portals are easily customizable
  • Electronic Document Signing and Storage
  • Industry Specific Payrolls are supported

Potential Limitations:

  • Integration options are limited to QuickBooks and Xero

Crest Payroll offers solid payroll processing options to accounting firms, with the product supporting unlimited clients and unlimited employees. 

From the 2016 Review of Professional Payroll Systems.

Basic System Functions: 5 Stars

Completely online, Crest Payroll, from Paramount Software, can be used with a PC, tablet, or smartphone.  Crest Payroll supports all popular web browsers, and the same functionality is built into the mobile app, so payroll can be processed from anywhere.  Crest Payroll contains an intuitive user interface, with firms able to determine what level of access, if any, to clients.   The product contains a series of wizards that assist with product setup, guiding users through entering default data such as pay types and pay rates.  Users can set up both standard and specialized deductions such as garnishments and child care, with the product supporting unlimited benefit and deduction tracking, with users able to easily add custom wage types, job codes and project codes.

Crest Payroll allows accountants to manage an unlimited number of clients and employees, and supports multiple payroll frequencies, even for the same client.  The product is automatically branded with the firm’s logo and other detail.  The product supports direct deposit, and handles multi-state payroll.  Crest Payroll is supported for all 50 states. 

After setup has been completed, payroll processing becomes entirely automated, with payroll running on the date specified during setup.  Users only need to return to the payroll entry screen if pay rates change, or additional payroll information needs to be added.  Once payroll is approved, users can opt to print checks in-house, or upload payroll data to the portal, where clients can access it and print checks in-house.  Users also have the option to process payroll after-the-fact when necessary.   Crest Payroll also allows users to configure the system to automatically generate client invoices for payroll processing and other related services, with Crest collecting client fees and depositing the collected fee into the firm’s account.

Reporting & Monitoring: 4.75 Stars

Crest Payroll includes over 40 standard reports that users can easily customize using the Custom Reports Designer.  Available reports include the complete payroll report, which is processed automatically once payroll has been finalized.  HR reports are also available as well.  All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported to Microsoft Excel and Word, or saved as a PDF.  Users can set up the system to receive both email alerts and reminders regarding payroll processing due date, tax compliance guidelines and due dates, and reminders for ACH transfers for direct deposit.   

Crest Payroll directly handles all federal, state, and local tax calculations.  All taxes are filed and paid by Crest automatically, with the product supporting both e-File and e-Pay capabilities.  All subsequent reporting is also handled by Crest, including both new hire information and W-2’s.

Integration/Import & Export: 4.75 Stars

Crest Payroll integrates with other Paramount Software products including HR Tools, Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation insurance, e-Sign, and Sales Tax Management.  The product is also designed to integrate with QuickBooks, and users can easily import data from Excel into the product.  Crest Payroll also includes a web-based time clock function that employees can use to track their time in the system, with the ability to import data from other time and attendance systems.  

Help & Support: 4.75 Stars

Solid help functionality is available throughout Crest Payroll.  Support can be accessed through the Paramount Software website and offers users access to the support portal, where they can troubleshoot system issues, access payroll news and access the support forum.  Product support can also be requested from the website, with both telephone and email support options available.  An instant messaging service is also available during regular business hours. 

All system updates are processed automatically, so users will always have access to the most current information available. 

Client Self-Service Features: 5 Stars

Crest Payroll allows firms to offer clients access to the payroll product, with users able to determine the level of access provided including no access, limited access, reporting only access, as well as more advanced levels with clients able to enter payroll date remotely and even run checks in their office. 

Also available is the Employee Self-Service portal, which provides access to client employees, where they can download payroll information such as W-2’s and check stubs as needed. 

Crest Payroll can be easily branded to reflect the needs of any firm, with logos and branding materials included, so all payroll services are offered under the guise of the firm, not the product.  The product also offers the ability to offer a link on the firm’s website that links to a separate website, where users can access payroll information.

Advanced Features: 5 Stars

Crest Payroll handles a variety of payroll calculations, including specialized industry payrolls including Churches, Farm, Restaurants, Nanny etc.  The product supports tax calculations for all 50 states.  Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation service is available along with 401K Retirement Payment Adapters, and HR Tools provides users with an extensive list of HR related tools which include an Online e-Sign Document Center, Paid Time Benefits, Leave Management, Performance Reviews, and Training Requests.

Summary & Pricing

Crest Payroll offers genuinely automated payroll processing, with users responsible for system setup, and Crest Payroll doing the rest.  Completely branded with firm logos and other identifying marks, the product supports unlimited clients, unlimited employees, and unlimited payroll frequencies.  Product pricing is all inclusive, with no limit on the number of users in a firm, with firms being charges one price, per client, per month, with no additional fees charged for paychecks or payroll runs. 

Pricing is available upon request, with users able to request a quote directly from Crest Payroll from their website.  

2016 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars